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Scattered mountain showers Saturday into Sunday with high snow levels (>7000 feet).  A colder system will bring snow to all mountains late Monday into early Tuesday, however accumulations look generally light.  High pressure takes control late next week.


Not much new to talk about.  Over the past 24 hours, a strong atmospheric river pushed into northern California to our west.  Snow fell heavily in the Sierra yesterday afternoon and evening, however snow levels rose well above 8000 feet last night in the Sierra Nevada which made the beautiful snow (they’d forgotten what snow looks like) turn to ugly slush.  You can see it change to rain in this animation from overnight at Northstar:




Speaking of “yuck”….  This morning in SLC the temperature is 58F AT 7 IN THE MORNING!  To put that into perspective, our average high temperature for the date is 40.  Currently our low temp is 18 degrees warmer than our average high!!!!  We only need to warm up 5 degrees from this low to set another record for the date.

Today we should see scattered mountain showers…. Snow levels should be up above 7000 feet and perhaps as high as 8k feet today.  It should be windy on the mountain as well.  Overall, perhaps not the best ski day.  Any snow that does fall will likely only accumulate to a wet inch.

By tomorrow afternoon we should have a bit of a break.  A colder system still expected to move in during the day Monday with snow developing by afternoon and continuing into the early hours of Tuesday.   Snow levels will this system will likely drop below 6,000 feet and we should at least get a few inches moderate density snow in the Wasatch.  #SmallVictories

Late next week the ridge returns in earnest.  The 00z EC run shows a system sneaking through the ridge next weekend.  This solution does not have the support of most ECMWF ensembles, nor does the GFS agree on it tracking through the area…. so for now I’m not giving this much credence.

Still a few signs that things start to change for the last 10 days of the month…. However this is too far out to know anything for sure.  We can just hope the weak systems we do have this week over-perform and that the pattern changes sooner rather than later.  Keep the faith!  Winter WILL return at some point… That I can guarantee… just a matter of when….


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16 thoughts on “Yuck

  1. Hank

    Thanks so much for keeping us updated. Your hard work and efforts are appreciated. My family and I are headed to PC/ DV area 2.13-18. Bad timing, what can I say? That’s life but we are looking to make the most of it……given the weather situation, where would you recommend us going? Alta, Brighton, Powder Mountain, etc? Andy help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Pete

      Your best bet is going to be the cottonwoods as usual.

      PC is too low and going to be too warm. PowMountain doesn’t have the coverage.

      Alta/Snowbird still has great coverage.

      Brighton/Solitude as well.

  2. Kristen

    Had a great time skiing this week despite the less than ideal conditions. Thanks for all your hard work!

  3. Chuck

    Headed down from Seattle area the 16th-21st, if the high pressure/Ridge holds thru that week – what are the temperatures looking like in the cottonwood canyons? I know you guys down there are bummed, but at least you have a good base and snow to ski – still using rock skis up here in the NW

  4. Barbara Easter

    Thanks for your constant upbeat attitude despite the dismal winter we have had. Having said that, until this Wednesday we have enjoyed fun skiing in PC even with the low base. So I only really started complaining yesterday. Lucky to live here. I feel bad for the one-week vacationers who happened to pick this week.

  5. Spank Tickleman

    Funny how “a break” used to mean that the weather lets up and calms down for some sunshine. Now a break (in February?!!) means any snow we can get our skis on!!!

  6. Sam

    Just landed in SLC!

    Where is the best place to board tomorrow?

    Brighton? The Bird? PowMow? SnowBasin?

    Send me the right way sensei!

    1. Aztech

      I would go to Snowbird. We were there Wednesday and the conditions were fair. We went to SnowBasin yesterday and the snow was slush…

  7. Billy

    Wow, you’re right on point with the Sierra Nevada report. Woke up at 4am in Mammoth to close to 7-10 inches on the railing. By 7am it was a slurpee, heading back to San Diego after spending 4 hours on the hill. Not sure if a wetsuit might of been better than my Flylow Gear and that’s no knock on Flylow. Raining and wet to 9000 feet, foggy and bad viz above that, Not a good day at Mammmoth Mountain.

    Thanks again for the reports.


  8. TR

    Not sure I can recall a worse ski season over such a large area of the US. This is an absolute dumpster fire right now.

  9. Mark

    Thanks so much for all your work – I’ve spent a week at Brighton, Solitude, Park City and Canyons – and now Snowbird Alta for a couple of days before heading back home to Australia. Your honesty (a rarity from my part of the world) and frustration are appreciated. That said, we’ve had a great time. Plus I’ve learned a lot about meteorology.

  10. Laura

    Went over Donner Summit at 8am this morning and it was raining. It was so mild across the basin I was amazed and bummed. 70 degrees in the Salt Flats at 3pm. Crazy.

  11. Tom

    Usually ski Snowbiard, but today I skied some steeps and bumps at Brighton while my son was in ski school, thought the conditions were pretty decent all things considered. Snow was holding up better than expected. Can’t complain too much after seeing that Northstar time lapse.

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