February Changes

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 at 6:35 am


The first of two weak systems is moving through the area today with a few snow showers in northern Utah.  Another system will affect mainly southern and central Utah Friday into Saturday.  Perhaps more significant snow for next week?


A weak system is moving through the area today.  Most of the precipitation has already fallen but a few more snow showers are likely from time to time in the mountains of northern Utah.  The majority of precipitation fell north of SLC.  Snowbasin reporting 6″ of new snow today with 5″ at Powder Mountain and 2″ at Beaver Mountain.  Cottonwoods/PC area picked up only a dusting at best.  Here is the overnight radar loop, you can see the best moisture just east of the GSL impacting mountains east of Ogden in two separate waves.


A second system will spin north into Arizona over the next two days.  By Friday, this will spread moisture into Utah.  Southern Utah will see the brunt of this, but it’s likely that the northern mountains will at least see some showers with an inch or two possible.  Places like Brian Head should see 4-8″ of snow, perhaps more if the track ends up being farther west/north.  Here is the total QPF over the next few days:



You can see the moisture streaming right up out of Mexico into Central Arizona and eventually the southern half of Utah.

Late this weekend we clear out and warm up again.  Attention right now is turning toward a potential event for the middle of next week (Feb 3-5).  The ridge looks like it will flatten enough to allow a system to roll over it.  This isn’t a particularly strong system, but behind it, models are indicating a fairly long duration moist northwest flow with weak embedded disturbances.  These type of patterns often can bring Utah substantial snow.  Too early to get into details, but both the Euro and GFS have come around to this idea.  The Euro was the first to pick this idea up, if you’re at home keeping score.  Details will be ironed out in the coming days, but right now we can at least keep a watchful eye on this event.  Powder just might be returning to Utah in February…


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13 thoughts on “February Changes

  1. East Coast Greg

    thank gosh i locked up those demo powder sticks for feb 5th – 8th. optimism!!!

    Thanks for the update!

  2. CKin

    God help us. Moved to Utah two years ago to experience the great powder stuff and it really has sucked! Way sad and I have been so dissapointed. Vacationed out here for over 30 years and everytime was Epic.

    1. Georgia Boy

      Same for me. I moved here two years ago and I’m trying to keep my hopes up. I figure this has to be part of some longer time frame macro cycle or something. Eventually we’ll probably get two awesome years in a row. I love Utah but the last two winters haven’t impressed me. It sure beats saving up for a two week ski vacation every year though.

      1. brig

        You’re miles of softer vert and feet deep ahead of most spots save the NW. Even in the dry years the CC get snow totals that would be average to epic years at most resorts to the east.

        Hopefully this won’t be the 30 year drought/dry high pressure ridge cycle and the winter will finish strong with 3-4 months of heavy precip.

  3. Heff

    Best forecaster around hands down. Live and die by it. Being in the snow removal business along the Wasatch front.. your blog becomes a daily obsession. Along with your blog, I was wondering if you had an opinion on your favorite weather app? Most accurate? Best radar? There never seems to be consensus among all of them.

  4. AJ

    Basin was better than expected this morning. Socked in but snow was consistent and surprisingly soft for the temps.

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