Saturday, January 17, 2015 at 7:36 am


Light snow dusted northern Utah mountains Friday evening.  Another weak system will graze far northern Utah on Sunday.   No major systems showing up in the next 7 days at this time.


Yesterday, as expected, we saw snowfall develop late in the day with up to 2″ falling in the mountains surrounding SLC/PC.  Also as expected, areas farther north did better with this system.  Beaver Mountain reporting 6″ of new snow today.

Another system will graze far northern Utah starting late tonight through early Monday.  Accumulations should be minor with the best chances up near the Idaho border.  Biggest impact will be just clouds.

Models are as out-of-phase as I’ve ever seen them.  Terrible run-to-run and model-to-model consistency right now beyond Monday.  No major storms in the next week, that seems to be clear, but we could have snow showers at times.   Hopefully we can iron out the details in the next day or two if models can find some sort of sanity.


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11 thoughts on “Dusted

  1. Toby

    I decided that it was a good time to do the hernia surgery. One week to recover then I’ll take the snow.

  2. E

    Don’t get overly excited Aaron. I plan to come back last weekend of March so you can be assured it will rain, hail or some other non-snow event.

  3. Spank Tickleman

    As frustrating as these dry spells are to endure, Utah always seems to find a way to bring what we need when we need it. I was beating my head against the wall all last season waiting for “the big storm”. We never got any dumpers but we did get enough to be able to ride all winter at least. I’m sure as soon as Obama’s out of office they’ll flip the switch off on Haarp so California can get its normal precipitation back and put its agricultural industry back in the black therefore opening the door to more storms reaching Utah instead of sending them all up to Bc, Alberta and Montana. Whether this political angle is true or not is up to personal interpretation but atleast it would make sense if it were true. Moral of the story; KEEP THE FAITH!!!

  4. Faceplant

    That was the best 2″ I’ve ever had. Was that a) my comments on skiing at the bird today or b) something my wife said after cuddle time?

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