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Snowfall has, for the most part, wrapped up in Northern Utah today with the storm having dropped south and east of the region.  First chair today will be best today, so get up there early. Lots of new snow for many areas!  High pressure takes control for the next few days with chances for snow returning late weekend into early next week.


Yesterday was quite amazing… Especially for resorts around SLC and Park City.  We had a band of precipitation (diffluence zone) that set up ahead of the front and brought absolutely crazy snowfall rates.  From about 9am until noon, many areas saw close to 3″ per hour.  The rates dropped off for a bit then picked up again as the front itself moved through in the afternoon.  Under this heavy snow band, resorts this morning are reporting 20-21″ in the Cottonwoods since Sunday night.  16-18″ in Park City where they desperately needed a good storm and 23″ at Sundance.

Farther north, resorts didn’t benefit as much from this band, but they still fell into the original forecast of 6-12″.   Snowbasin and PowMow reporting 9 and 10″ respectively.  Amounts then dropped off very quickly as you moved up toward Logan, Beaver only getting 2″.

Remember, 6 days ago this was looking like it would just be a brush-by system with just a chance for a few snow showers.  Then it looked better.  Then it looked like it would dive west and south of us and we’d get skunked.  Finally, our “bowling ball” spun toward the center pin and delivered a strike!   I guess the lesson here is that things can change, so when things don’t look good, keep the faith… Utah finds a way to deliver again.

Right now we’ve got high pressure that will build back in for the rest of the work week.  Inversions will start to re-develop almost immediately, so enjoy the temporary reprieve.  It looks like we’ll have a brush-by system on Saturday morning, but we’ll probably just see more clouds than anything.  A stronger system moves into the west coast on Sunday, but models have been trending drier with this system.  In the GFS, high pressure forces almost everything north of us.  In the Euro, precip spills into far northern Utah at times Monday – Tuesday of next week. Neither solution looks significant.

Overall, it looks like high pressure will remain present off the west coast next week.  It’s exactly where the high pressure sets up that is important.  In the GFS, it’s closer to the coast and blocks most energy from reaching us.  In the Euro, it’s farther west in the eastern Pacific and allows systems to drop over the ridge and into the region.  We are still in wait mode to see if we can find a consensus… Stay tuned and enjoy the POW today!


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10 thoughts on “Strike!

  1. brig

    At least knee deep or better for all SLC resorts today. Hope ULLR will keep the ridge away and free refills til May.

  2. Fred

    Took the family to Powder mountain last night to try out their night skiing.
    GREAT price and AMAZING conditions.
    Powder EVERYWHERE until 9pm. To bad the county/state road crew failed to plow the road. 2 hour closure waiting to leave as emergency vehicles has to pull cars off the mountain. *frown*
    PowMow lived up to it’s Rep for sure!

    1. Mike

      Be Pumped you were stuck at the top. We waited for 2.5 hours at the bottom and never got the go-a-head.

    1. Thad

      Say it aint so. Been dreaming of getting a storm while out there next week. 1/18-1/24. Really thought I might have timed it perfectly based on yours and Evan’s posts/comments until today… :/
      Hope to get lucky.

      1. Ed Hocoulli

        I’ll be at PC those dates, too. Hoping for at least a few inches, bonus points for what happened yesterday. Models, today, however, are only indicating the former.

  3. Tim

    while we wait for Evian to post the 14-Jan-2015 forecast, the 12NAM is coming in and is a touch wetter for Friday night. Finger of moisture to the northern mountains, to include LCC/UCC/PC during the overnight into Saturday. Dusting to 2″ is forecast from this.

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