Inversion Season

Monday, January 5, 2015 at 6:08 am

I’m up in Jackson, WY where the snow is flying.  This same storm energy that is bringing powder to the Northern Rockies is also going to bring a chance for occasional light snow to the mountains of far northern Utah today.  Beyond that, the rest of this week is dominated by ridging.

Just had a quick glance through each of the major models.  Both the GFS and Euro try to break down the ridge later this week, but neither are overly successful.  GFS would bring us at least some precipitation from the storm this weekend whereas the Euro drops the energy south in the form of closed low.

I’m not optimistic right now… Chances are we’ll have to wait until closer to mid-month for the storms to return…  Until then, inversions are going to be a problem in many Utah valleys which means declining air quality.


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14 thoughts on “Inversion Season

  1. Brian

    I’ll unfortunately be in SLC Jan 10 – Jan 17. What crappy luck. Do you think I’ll be able to find any powder stashes by then? Or will this inversion pretty much trash that idea? I’m not looking forward to running groomers all week. Haha

    1. Alan

      Was at solitude yesterday, anything that looked like a powder stash had turned to crud, not sure how different the conditions are at LCC, but it was a groomer day for sure

  2. TR

    Question: I see you are calling for substantial inversions but i’m noticing even in valleys
    and SLC the temps are predicted to be warm. Isn’t the typical inversion in SLC/Mtn. Valley’s keep it around 30 degrees if not much lower ? Daytime highs around PC are mid 40’s later this week. Isn’t that an odd inversion temp down low ?

  3. Ben Haight

    Can you let us know what kind of snow Jackson Hole should be seeing for this weekend please?


  4. Fred

    Totally bummed… 1st time to Utah with my boys.. They were really looking to ski some powder never were wesr before … Will be at Solitude 9-11… Groomer days it is.

    How things changed in a week… 🙁

  5. Amy

    12z GFS called for a light snow event the 11th and 12th (total 3-5″) and another from Jan 17-20 (3-6″). While the 18Z GFS is consistent with the 11th/12th, the event on the 17-20th looks a tad heavier with 4-8″ depicted from that.

  6. Peter

    Never come to Utah in January.

    If you’re looking for powder come Feb/March. January always feels like the worst month for snowfall and is usually our worst inversion month.

  7. eric lewis

    Time to find your passport and visit your friendly neighbours to the north, Revelstoke is getting bombed right now, and I think there is some cosmic LCC-Revi connection that needs further exploration!

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