Powder Chasing

Sunday, January 4, 2015 at 9:01 am


A chance for a few light snow showers in the northern mountains tonight and Monday as a system passes to our north.  Dry weather for the next week looks likely.  Valley inversions getting stronger.


Unfortunately for us the 06z GFS went more in line with the more reliable Euro model.  That means that it looks like we will see little if anything on Friday-Saturday.  Aside from a chance of snow for the far north tonight, we remain dry for the foreseeable future.

The long range GFS and European models do show a breakthrough of the westerlies after January 15th…. but they showed that for after about January 6th during Christmas week and clearly didn’t come to fruition.  Long story short, I’m not sure when the next good storm cycle will start for the Wasatch, but it probably won’t be for another 10 days or more.  Inversions will get stronger as this week goes on, so being on the mountains, even without fresh snow, will still feel like a breath of fresh air (literally).

If you are craving powder like I am, maybe consider heading north….  1-2 feet forecasted for parts of the Northern Rockies by tomorrow evening…. I’m packing up the car right now, in fact.

Have faith!  We saw several weeks of dry weather during January even in our miracle 2010-2011 season.   Snow will return before you know it!



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15 thoughts on “Powder Chasing

  1. Dude Of Life

    12z GFS doesn’t bring back the pow for the 9-11th (1-3″) but does indicate better hopes for Jan 16-18th. By daybreak Saturday, about 2-3″ is indicated, 6-10″ Saturday itself, and 2-3″ on Sunday the 18th. OPLEASEOPLEASEOPLEASEOPLEASE

  2. Steve

    TR, what models show anything. Not the GFS and from what I hear, not the Euro. GFS seems to less every run. At this point, I’m just hoping for beautiful weather. Which I figure is better than cloudy with no snow.

  3. Steve

    I saw that on the 0Z GFS and got hopeful, but the next 3 runs dashed that hope. But just read on SLC NWS that the Euro is now giving us something while the GFS heads the other direction. “So you’re saying there’s a chance?”. So, who knows at this point. Que sera sera.

    1. Ed Hocoulli

      You believe the model that gives you the best hope. Again, after 5 days, it’s all for shits and grins.

      1. grandmastapoop

        Ed. Only two sentences? Usually we hear the whole Gettysburg Address with your explanations.

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