High Pressure

Friday, January 2, 2015 at 7:09 am

Saturday update:

Not much change from yesterday’s post.  We have a very weak cold front brushing us today that will increase clouds and perhaps the far north could see a snow showers or two.  Another brush-by system on Sunday night/Monday will bring more clouds.  High pressure will keep us dry next week with temps warming and valley inversions developing.

The GFS has been showing a better system for next weekend, some of you who look at the GFS model may be hopeful.  Unfortunately the Euro does not agree on that system at all currently, until it does, I’m reluctant to make much mention of it.  We’ll see how subsequent runs handle things.

Despite the dry spell we are now entering, the ski conditions are still great.  The mountains are almost all fully open and there is plenty of high quality snow around to have a great time exploring.  Those of us complaining are just spoiled powder snobs.  🙂




A weak cold front will bring clouds, breezes, and a few light snow showers to Northern Utah on Saturday.  Another wave could bring a few more snow showers on Monday.  After that, we dry out completely and warm up with valley inversions developing.


Not too much happening.  Tomorrow we’ll have a very weak cold front brush by far northern Utah.  We could see snow showers in a few places and definitely some cloudiness, but accumulations should stay under an inch for most areas.

Another wave of energy will brush us on Monday with the best moisture staying well to our north.  A few additional snow showers will be possible then, but again, accumulations will be minimal.

Beyond Tuesday of next week we transition to full on high pressure.  The upper elevations will warm up considerably while inversions develop in the valleys.  With strong inversions in place, it could get ugly in the valleys.  I’ve been checking with some of the long range ensembles desperately hoping something shows up to kick the high pressure out sooner rather than later.  We’ll have a system around January 8-9 that will move into the west coast but I’m not optimistic it will hold together enough to do much for us.   For right now we just wait and hope something more promising shows up in the models.


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22 thoughts on “High Pressure

  1. JD

    I’ve developed a lifelong disdain for January. I think the local news stations should start using your description of “ugly” to replace “hazy”. Hazy does no justice. Hoping it stays nice and cold in the cottonwoods just a little longer…

  2. Jiří Kadlec

    Is it going to stay below freezing or is the snow going to start to melt with the warm weather that you are forecasting for next week?

  3. Tim

    [Annoyed] Why don’t you keep your negativity to yourself? [/Annoyed]

    Canadian GEMs still hoping to squeeze 2-4″ Friday night to Saturday and the same Sunday PM to Monday but no one else really thinks so. The Navy GEMs model only agrees, but to a lesser extent and coverage for Sunday night / Monday morning. The 8-10th period is the only chance between now and then to see any appreciable snow. Most models, while off in strength and timing, agree something could happen around then.

  4. Tom

    I agree with Tim. There’s a couple of Bitter Betties on this board this year that are really pathetic.

    Stay positive, and for the Bitters just accept 1) Pre mid-January always sucks, 2) Inversions are a fact of life in Utah and 3) Forecasting is an art, and can be wrong, but WSF delivers the goodness better than anyone else.

  5. TR

    Same crap as last year, storms just come straight down and pound Summit County while everyone else watches typically bone dry areas such as Copper Mountain and Breckenridge get 24 inch dumps with the flow.

  6. Steve

    Latest run of GFS was a bit more gung ho with precip for jan.9-11 time frame. But I know it’s just one run. But something to hope for.

    1. Tim

      18Z is keeping up the hope for 9-11th. Even the parallel model is in line with it’s older brother. total acum 4-8″ possible from that. too bad the GEMS isn’t coming along for the ride. after that, the 19th-20th offers another chance.

  7. andy

    really you think that 2 storms and 3 powder days is…good? anyone can complain this year!! as there hasn’t been much pow at all if you disagree you are … crazy …far from a good season so far!

    1. Sam

      The only way you can complain is if you do your skiing on the PC side. LCC has been awesome. Well above average currently and the cold air has kept the snow perfect. Between resort and backcountry skiing I had 11 powder days in a row! Best stretch we’ve had since the 2010-2011 season for sure.

    1. Faceplant

      Totally agree. I skied 9 out of 10 days (cottonwoods were closed that one Monday) all had great conditions with varying amounts of powder. This past Monday was one of my deepest days ever. No bitching here.

    1. Tim

      We’re saved! The 18Z GFS gives the Wasatch 0.50-0.75″ of liquid equivalent for the next 2 weeks!!!! Specifically, snow of 1-3″ Friday Jan 9th, 2-3″ Saturday the 10th, 0-1″ on the 12th and 13th, and 1-3″ on Saturday the 17th and another 2-4″ Sunday the 18th. Hooray!!!!!! (not my official forecast)

    2. Faceplant

      I don’t need models. I wear my blue jacket on powder days and my green jacket between storms. If I wear my green jacket long enough, it always snows…. Big!!

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