Southern Utah Storm

Wednesday, December 31, 2014 at 7:09 am


Southern Utah will see a storm develop later today into tonight and tomorrow with significant snowfall in mountains of far southern Utah.  Northern Utah stays dry for now with a gradual warming trend.


The wind event from yesterday is dying down in the valleys.  A closed low is now forming over southern California and will track eastward through Arizona over the next 24 hours.  Snow will begin today in the mountains of Southern Utah and continue through tomorrow.  Accumulations will be 6-12″ with up to 18″ in places.

Northern Utah will stay dry through this event with mostly sunny skies.  High pressure will eventually take over the whole state by Friday as a ridge strengthens along the west coast.  It looks like temps will gradually warm and there’s no threat of significant precipitation any time soon.  There will be a weak front this weekend that could slow our warming and perhaps add a few clouds and maybe even a snow shower to the far northern mountains.

Another system will move into the area early next Monday or Tuesday and that will also have a chance to bring a few showers to northern Utah.  Perhaps the biggest benefit of these weak systems is to just scour out developing inversions in the valley.

Breaks are normal in winter, we just have to hope they don’t last too long.  Right now we are sitting pretty after that last storm cycle.  Here is a quick look at the numbers:



Obviously these numbers will drop a bit over the next week with no significant snow. However, it feels good to have a bit of a buffer above normal that we can make it through these dry periods without falling behind.

Long range:

Both the GFS and Euro have the ridge breaking down to some degree by about January 8th but neither model is overly anxious to bring a strong system into the area.  Luckily, this is all subject to change, and as long as we can break down the ridge, then we’ll likely see snow at some point.  If this last storm cycle taught us anything, it’s that things in Utah can change in a hurry.  Snow will be back soon enough…


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4 thoughts on “Southern Utah Storm

  1. Tim

    The frickin GFS today remains dry for the next two weeks with just teases of waves to the north just jerking Utah with the thought of freshies. Let’s hope the model is just out to lunch outside of 144 hours.

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      You’ll drive yourself crazy analyzing each model run like that. On the 23rd of December you commented that it looked dry after the 27th and clearly we got a very good storm into the region instead. So don’t get too down looking at the models, anything beyond 5 days is subject to change. The pattern in the pacific is progressive and I have a feeling we’ll get something into the area sooner than the GFS may indicate. Utah finds a way to deliver!

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