Brian Head for the Win!

Friday, December 26, 2014 at 6:28 am


Our Christmas Day storm has moved out of the area. We’ll have a couple break days before the next storm moves in on Sunday with more fluffy snow and cold air.

Storm Wrap-up:

Yesterday’s storm has moved out of the area.  It was an interesting storm as it delivered the goods to virtually everywhere except PC which saw 4-6″ on the mountain with the initial front in the early morning, but then saw nothing but a few light flurries the rest of the day. Most other locations saw snow throughout the day. Here is a look at totals:

  • Brian Head: 34″
  • Snowbird: 20″
  • Alta: 19″
  • Eagle Point: 15″
  • Solitude: 13″
  • Pow Mow: 13″
  • Snowbasin: 9″
  • Brighton: 12″
  • Deer Valley: 12″
  • Canyons: 10″
  • Park City: 5″
  • Beaver Mountain: 5″

Way to go Brian Head!  If those total are accurate, and sensor date indicates they just might be, then they saw themselves an incredible storm!  Elsewhere, BCC met the low end of their forecast range while LCC exceeded the forecast range by an inch or two.  PowMow and Snowbasin both came in within their range.  Canyons and DV both met their forecast amounts but PC came up short.  Not really sure how that works that PC can be surrounded by two resorts that are reporting storm totals of 10 and 12″ while PC reports 5″.  The town of PC certainly didn’t do too well in the this storm — reports there of only a few inches.  There was limited forcing in the post-frontal environment yesterday so precipitation was “trapped” either along or west of the Wasatch Crest and didn’t push over much during the day.  Beaver Mountain also came up short, but they did so well this weekend that they can afford a light storm or two 😉  Personally, I had myself an incredible day in LCC… Here’s a photo of yours truly getting deep:



What a merry Christmas it was!


A break today and tomorrow with cold air which will allow for snowmaking where still needed.  The next system is still progged to drop into Utah on Saturday night with snow developing by Sunday morning.  As mentioned the last couple days, this is a very cold storm.  However it does not have a ton of moisture to work with.  With the high snow ratios, what does fall will pile up quickly.  The main front will likely bring 3-6″ to the area, but the post frontal airmass will likely significantly boost those totals, especially in areas like the Cottonwoods where up to a foot (or more?) could be possible by Monday.   Sunday and Monday should both be good days to be on the mountain, just remember to bundle up.

Next week we should be mostly dry as our Sunday storm closes off down in Arizona.  By the 3rd or 4th of the New Year, it looks like we could see a cool northwest flow re-develop with another system possible.  Models are still trying to bring stronger systems into the West Coast by the end of the first week of January.

Cold air and occasional refresher storms will keep conditions good for now! Enjoy!



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18 thoughts on “Brian Head for the Win!

  1. Rick

    Hey Evan,
    Just wanted to say thanks for all the amazing work you do at WSF! Truly informative. Also wanted to ask how the skiing up in LCC has compared to the last few seasons at this same time? I have been reading your posts regularly and it seems that the conditions have been shaping up really nicely the past couple of weeks!

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      Personally I think this is the second best December conditions we’ve had over the last 4 seasons. The best being 2012… Virtually everything is open. Coverage is great. Hard to complain about current conditions in LCC! Yesterday I did 15 laps at Alta and each one featured long stretches of totally untracked snow and over the head faceshots on every turn! Today should be just as awesome!

  2. Kyle

    Math isnt Brightons strong point… We saw a little more than that, even though the website reports differently

  3. Fingers crossed..

    Thankful for the couple of inches in PC on Christmas morning! Storm was a big disappointment up here and PCMR really needed it. Looks like October from the top of payday on down.

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      Yep, seems like they got the shaft with this system. The good-ish news is that there is cold air for snowmaking and another storm in the future. If you need to get your tree skiing in, the Cottonwoods are looking very good!

  4. Tim

    12z GFS looking much wetter in the latter half of the period. Depicting 3-5″ Sunday, 1-2″ Monday, 1-3″ Saturday Jan 3rd, 2-4″ on Jan 6th, 1-3″ on the 7th, 1-3″ on the 8th, 4-6″ on the 9th, 6″+ on the 10th in the higher elevations. Kind of warm storm so lower elevations might see rain. We’ll see if the outlook for Jan 6-10th event is verified in subsequent model runs.

    1. Tim

      18z GFS backs off on the 6-10th events, delays them by a couple of days to bust the ridge. Doesn’t get it going to Utah until the 10th but even then the flow becomes more zonal. The jet stream does come right at the Wasatch with this output, which is encouraging.

  5. Tim

    WinterStormWatch issued…”Snow accumulations…storm total accumulations of 8 to 16 inches in the mountains…3 to 8 inches in the mountain valleys….light snow will reach the northern Wasatch Range after midnight on Saturday night. This snow will increase in intensity as it across south late Saturday night through Sunday morning. Snow will continue through Sunday night…then gradually taper off beginning on Monday morning.”


  6. theron

    Today was amazing at Snowbird. Gad 2 trees right off of the back had the deepest turns of the day for me, and probably of the season. Keep the great work up, I am an avid visitor of this site, and really appreciate what you’re doing.

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