White Christmas: Delivered

Thursday, December 25, 2014 at 5:21 am

A Merry White Christmas to ALL!!!


Snow has been falling across most of Northern Utah this morning.  We have 3-4″ of snow at my place in Draper.  There isn’t a ton of forcing right now, so I’m a bit concerned that precipitation is having a tough time pushing up to the upper elevations. This could be one of those storms where you find more snow at the base than at the top of the mountain….

4-8″ being reported at local resorts today at 5:20am…   Seems like most resorts across the state saw similar amounts.  Santa was non-discriminatory this Christmas.  Or maybe all of Utah was just on the nice list….  Waiting for a few other resorts to report… You can check full totals by clicking on the Ski Utah link on the right sidebar (below for mobile)



Snow should continue today… There may be a lull this morning but the snow should pick up again during the afternoon as the flow becomes stronger out of the northwest.  By tonight, the flow turns more easterly as a backdoor cold front swings in.  That could favor the Wasatch Back a bit, however by that time there’s not much moisture left.  Our forecasted totals by Friday morning still look good:

  • Cottonwoods 12-18+”
  • Park City / Sundance 8-14″
  • Resorts north of I-80 8-14″
  • Eagle Point / Brian Head 8-16″
  • Uintas 10-16″

Things will end Friday morning with a break through Saturday.  Next system moves in for Sunday into Monday.  This storm does not look great in the models but it’s the type of system that can surprise us with a long, cold, unstable northwest flow.  When I say COLD, I mean COLD!  700mb temps next week are forecast to be at -20C, which means highs in the valleys could struggle to reach 20F.  Anyway, Sunday and Monday could be good powder days.  I’m optimistic that this storm will perform better than models indicate.

Beyond that there are major questions, GFS keeps us mostly dry through the first few day of the New Year while the EC drops yet another cold system into the area.  We’ll watch and see…

I’m going to head up the the mountain soon! Hope to see you up there!

Merry Christmas to ALL!


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54 thoughts on “White Christmas: Delivered

  1. Carlos

    Told my family ten days ago that it was going to snow on Christmas thanks to your forecasts. Sure enough, the storm rolled in and they were all thoroughly impressed! Wish I could take credit for it… Also wish I could go riding today

    thanks all the same for the killer work you do. Merry Christmas to you WSF

  2. Ski Family 5

    This is my first time skiing out west. My family (my wife and three daughters) leave NY today for PC, Utah and we are super excited. I have been reading your forecasts every morning. Thank you you for the energy and heart that you put into the daily forecasts. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

  3. Abey Qureshi

    Aloha! Will be flying in from Oahu early tomorrow AM and know I will be super happy thanks to our awesome work. Grew up skiing east coast hard pack and now make several trips to SLC a year from Hawaii. Love your forecasts and read them every morning! Mahalo nui loa and Mele Kalikimaka!!!

  4. Bill Turley

    Checking in at lunch, its an easy 10″ in the trees at 11:30 am xmas morning. Nothing but untracked and its snowing so hard its covering up our last tracks.

    Thanks for all of the positive energy. You ROCK!!!! The kids and I check you out every morning.

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      Hmmm… Don’t know where you heard valleys would get a foot. We forecasted 8-14″ for the PC resorts and their measurements are made at mid-mountain or above. The valleys would see considerably less than that. Still, you’re right that storm totals have been low compared to the other side of the Wasatch Crest, but remember, the storm total predictions are through Friday morning and you still may see additional snowfall at times tonight. Let’s hope we get some more snow on that side of the mountain.

  5. TR

    Mountain Valleys were predicted to get 6-12, Mountain’s, 1-2 feet. The Park City prediction was a complete joke. This was a very bad forecast all around, sorry.

    1. Smuttyb

      I have 8″ or so at my valley house and still snowing. Looks like alta has gotten just about a foot and still snowing. Math is hard.

  6. Bill

    TR, what are you talking about? WSF only predicted 8-14″ for PC mountains. You’re ragging on the forecast that was actually the closest to the actual amount. And where did you see somebody forecasting 1-2 feet?

  7. DRG

    I live in PC, we had 8-9″ at the house and the Canyons had at least that up on 9990…forecast was dead on for PC. Appreciate the forecasts, read it each morning…

  8. TR

    PC didn’t even get close to 8-9″ on top and you have it at the house ? And people are disputing Alta/Bird was supposed to get 1-2 feet ?

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      I have to say I’m a bit confused. You keep saying “1-2 feet”… yet you’re commenting on a website that AT NO POINT forecasted 1-2 feet for anywhere. If you read the forecast you’re currently commenting on, the forecast for the Cottonwoods was 12-18”. As somebody who just got back from skiing in the Cottonwoods, I can tell you first hand there was easily 12-15″ and still snowing. I can’t speak for PC because I haven’t been there, but I can tell you that 1-2 feet was never in OUR forecast for PC mountains.

  9. Bill

    Don’t waste your time, WSF. I had the best powder day of the year at Alta and it was the best Christmas one could ask for. Grinches gonna Grinch.

  10. TR

    i apologize, i am referring to several predictions, not just yours. I don’t see where i went after you directly in my complaints.

    1. PK

      You are going directly after them because you are commenting on WSF’s page, hello. If other forecasts were wrong, go after them, not WSF. Why are you here being so damn argumentative?

    1. Bill

      Way off? The prediction was 8-14″ by Friday morning. As in, the storm is not done yet! So far, Canyons, PCMR, and Deer Valley are reporting 4-6″ conservatively. I heard it was much deeper at Canyons. So all they need is a few more inches overnight and they’ll be in the forecasted range. It’s your fault you use other forecasting sites besides WSF and got your expectations blown way out of proportion.

  11. TR

    Let me be clear, the Cottonwoods seem pretty on point by just about everyone making predictions (still on the low side however, no disputing that). PC area, SLC, etc. (valleys & mountains) was a complete joke of a forecast by EVERYONE.

  12. Bill

    Let’s say they get another 3-4″ tonight, that would put them at the low end of the 8-14″ range… So it would be a bit of disappointment, sure… My problem is that you are taking out your frustration in the comments section of the site that was actually forecasting closest to the amount that actually fell!

    If you want to bitch, go complain to whatever weather outlet told you it would snow 1-2 feet.

    1. Bill

      If you scroll up you can literally watch 7″ of snow accumulate on Canyons’ webcam before sunrise, then they have seen an additional 2-3″ during the day today if you go look at their live snowcam. That equals 9-10″ so far and it is still snowing up there. ONE STORM!

    2. JA

      This storm was skiing shin to knee deep where it was blown in at canyons. Maybe 6 to 8 at mid mountain when I left at 2. It’s pushing a foot here at my house near parleys summit at 5 pm. The forecast seems spot on from my experience today.

      I don’t know where you were skiing today, but you should try getting out and skiing instead of sitting on your butt and whining!

  13. Steve

    I got first chair at PC today and skied to 3:45
    4 inch tops plus barely snowing
    Sounds like canyons did much better

  14. tofurky

    what is it about this site that brings out the wankers? Damn TR, why put so much effort into being a crankhole? Go watch the weather channel or something. Personally I was enjoying endless as-predicted powder runs and walk on trams all morning in LCC.

    WSF keep it up.

  15. Felipe

    I appreciate reading this forecast everyday! You do such a great job. I wish everyone a merry Christmas. Sorry PC sucks. Everyone who likes to shred should know that.

  16. TR

    Snowbird reporting 14″. If you were expecting to top out at that then whatever, not much I can tell you. Bottom line, the storm which most everyone thought would help fix base issues was a massive fail. Hopefully we can get a few more small hits in the next few days…

  17. Roc

    Your fault for skiing PC. Don’t come to the bird, it’s too deep for you. Easily a foot and knee+ deep in places today. That epic pass was half the price of a LCC pass and you get half the snow 🙁 I’d be upset too. Great work WSF!

  18. Aztech

    Brighton was knee deep powder all day long… If you rode today you wouldn’t be bitching, you would know how good it was. Snow was still falling as we left at 4:00. This site is always dependable, keep up the good work WSF!!

  19. TR

    I didn’t rip how good the conditions were out there today, i’m ripping the forecast in the PC. Mtn’s/Valleys. It was terrible…

  20. TonyH

    Don’t be a clown. Arguing about what one resort got versus another when you picked PC… PC… That’s the worst choice. You deserved 4″ even when it was probably 7″.

    Next time bring a ruler & camera or shut up.

    Love your work WSF! I follow it religiously for my PowMow trips! Keep it up

  21. Daniel

    Tr please just go elsewhere! There’s a reason so many follow this page, and it’s not to see comments like yours.
    PC did get the short straw but its still snow.

  22. C3

    Bwaaa.. That’s the irony. You just can’t move on. $10 that you still have at least one more comment about the pc forecast.

  23. Philthy Brah

    Hands down best forecast source for winter weather and snowfall predictions in the area. I truly appreciate the work and detail, even if your predictions aren’t “perfect”. And unfortunately, it seems there’ll always be a complainer.
    I’ll pipe in for DV. I wasn’t impressed by snow amounts in the parking lot (maybe 4″). We looked to have more out in Snyderville across from Canyons, maybe 6″+. But up on the mountain at DV, the depths seemed really variable. Some places easily 6″+, some more like 4″. Trees were fantastic, up to knees in spots, but likely due to leftover from previous storms. It sure was nice to look out over the basin and not see brown everywhere.
    Looking forward to your forecasts the rest of the season! Next time though, could you get the depth predictions absolutely correct so we don’t see “This was a very bad forecast all around” comments?

  24. Travis Cody

    It’s hard to own it when it’s so spotty. Jeremy Ranch at my house just outside Park City got a foot if not more. Canyons seemed to have a lot too, but Deer Vallet – meh. I think some people just want to argue rather than being grateful that we actually have some snow finally.

  25. JL

    Seriously TR, who gives a shit about what it’s doing in pc anyway? It’s one of the worst pow day resorts. I honestly didn’t think people skied there. I hear the lodges are great though. Also get back on your meds. It’s not wsf fault you don’t have friends.

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