The gift that keeps on giving…

Monday, December 22, 2014 at 6:21 am

Update:  Now that it’s light enough to see all webcams, it looks like snow levels in places are as low as 5,000 feet.  My wife tells me it is snowing in Lehi right now.  Good news for some fluffier powder today…


Storm should start to wind down during the day today with snow levels falling just a bit.  Break on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Colder system for Christmas day with some light, fluffy powder expected!


The fire hose is still taking aim at Utah.  Right now the best precip is pointed at areas from SLC south down to about Nephi.  Upper part of Sundance is getting hammered.  Snow continues in LCC.  LCC road is CLOSED as of my typing this (6am) due to avy control work.  Estimated opening is 8:30.  Winds are also HOWLING with gusts up to 100mph on peaks last night!  Currently they’ve died down a bit, but still seeing 80mph gusts on Hidden Peak and other higher resort peaks.

Amounts so far, as expected, have been highly varied by location and elevation.  Upper parts of the resorts since Saturday AM have seen 12-20″ up north at Powder Mountain / Snowbasin / Beaver. PC resorts are reporting 6-13″.  BCC has seen 7-13″.  LCC is reporting 20″ so far. Sundance is getting hit hard right now with 13″ already up top. We’ll add a few more inches to those totals today.  But generally we are falling right into the forecast for the upper mountain.   Also, as expected, the base elevations have seen significantly less as they have seen a lot of rain and/or wet snow.

I got a lot of comments yesterday about how miserable it was yesterday.  As stated in previous posts, it was a storm for Gore-Tex.  Definitely not going to be the best powder skiing, much better for base building. This storm is going to have lasting benefits through the rest of the season.

Avalanche danger is high right now.  I would expect many resorts will not have much of your favorite terrain open.  Yesterday my buddy triggered two separate inbounds slides.  Not anything huge, but enough to knock you off your feet.  Slab City!  Check with the UAC for avy details before going into the backcountry.  If I were you, I’d avoid the backcountry for a couple days.

Ok… to the forecast….

Snow (and some rain) will continue this morning but taper off this afternoon.  Snow levels are lower today than yesterday but I’m having a difficult time pinning down exactly where they are.  My guess is somewhere between 6500 and 7000 feet right now, but those should lower as the day wears on.  Reports are appreciated.

Break on Tuesday and Wednesday, perfect for ski resorts to get the mountains fully safe again and more terrain open.

Next storm rolls in on CHRISTMAS DAY! This is not a major system and it is fast moving.  It is, however, cold.  Snow should start in the mountains on Christmas morning with rain/snow mix, changing to all snow in the valleys.  At this time it looks like perhaps 6-12″ for the Cottonwoods with 4-8″ for PC and other resorts.    Perhaps the skiing will get better through the day, so you can afford to open gifts in the morning before you abandon your family for freshies!

Another weak-ish system likely for about Sunday 12/28.  But hey, at least we aren’t totally ridged up and dry….

Have a happy Monday! Stay dry!


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21 thoughts on “The gift that keeps on giving…

    1. Al Anon

      just a correction…avalanche danger is rated as high (level 4) not extreme (the highest level), avalanche warning in effect, see

    1. John Dubock

      It was so windy at Snowbird/Alta on Sunday that the lifts basically shut off around 3pm. One guy reported skiing UP Regulator due to winds. A true atmospheric river.

  1. Greg Gold

    I live at the very top of Suncrest on south mountain. The snow level came back down to us about 2 AM. We have 2 plus inches of fresh again (after 8 yesterday before turning to rain) and it is really coming down. We are at 6300 feet. About 250 feet below us it is all rain.

  2. Martin

    I live on the Wood Haven sub district of Traverse Mountain, Lehi. At 06:30am this morning it was a blizzard of large, wet snow flakes settling readily on the ground with temperatures of 1c.
    As I drove down the hill towards Adobe, it rapidly turned to sleet/rain. So, I guess the snow level there was around 5000ft.
    I have relatives over here from England for Christmas, so we’re hoping that White-Christmas potential remains!

  3. Bob

    Alta gets so ridiculously skied out by the brainless hoardes who inexplicably still think a place which is fully tracked out in a hour is a great ski area that their avy control work is a lot less involved.

  4. Fred

    So to all those WHINER/BELLYachers from a few weeks ago. Blah blah blah about Utah snow greatest sham blah blah blah.
    BOOYAH!! How’s you like it now? LMAO

    1. AZ

      Sure does…. Hell or high (atmospheric river) water we were coming. Utah delivers…See you at pcmr or the bird starting tomorrow! staying till the 3rd or till my legs fall off..

  5. Darren

    Agree with Fred. Hope all those who cancelled their plans and are going to VT instead enjoy the rain there this week followed by typical east coast ice. Makes for wonderful downhill ice skating conditions.
    Utah always finds a way!!!

  6. Robert

    Work from home day, we are at 6700 in BCC, and we have had continuous snow all day, a lot less wet than Sunday.

  7. david

    4 to 5 inches of snow today in Wanship, 6700′. Haven’t left my cave to see what it is like lower but guessing wet.

  8. tim bowers

    xmas storm looking better and better. from 4-8″ at the floors to 2′ at the peaks. enjoy it now b/c it may get dry for a good long period following this.

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