Wet and Wild

Sunday, December 21, 2014 at 6:29 am


Event is underway with rain in the valleys and wet snow above 7,000 feet.  Snow levels will rise up toward 8,000 feet this afternoon.  Above that, significant snowfall is likely by the time all is said and done tomorrow afternoon.  Another storm on Christmas!


The deluge is on at my place in the Salt Lake Valley right now.  Rain has fallen for the past 2+ hours.  Snow has been falling in earnest for a couple hours up high.  You can see the snow really pick up at the tail end of the timelapse overnight from Snowbird:



So far resorts have seen 24-hour snow totals range from 2-3″ in Park City, 3-5″ in the Cottonwoods, and 5-10″ up north.  Snowbasin is the big winner so far, reporting 10″ of new snow on the upper mountain.



Snow levels have remained below 7,000 feet so far.  However, I’m looking at weather stations all over the Wasatch and they remain mostly in the mid to upper 20s, and unfortunately they are all rising.  I think this means snow levels are also on the rise and I’d expect them to keep rising through the morning.  By afternoon, they could be as high as 8,000 feet.

IT IS GOING TO BE A VERY WET AND HEAVY DAY ON THE MOUNTAIN! WEAR WATERPROOF GEAR!  Winds will also be strong, especially on the ridges.

Snow total forecast still looks good through Monday.  For the Upper part of the mountains, 18-24″ seems likely for the Cottonwoods and northern resorts.  For PC, 10-14″ is more likely.  Base elevations will see substantially less…

Christmas Day storm is still in both models.  As expected, models found a bit of middle ground from yesterday morning’s runs.  At this point it looks like it will be a cold but fast-moving system.  Best period for snow looks to be early Thursday morning.  Due to the fast nature of the storm, accumulations look to stay under a foot for the mountains with just a couple inches possible in the valleys.  Still… a white Christmas is a good possibility!

I’m off into the mountains!


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7 thoughts on “Wet and Wild

  1. David

    The wind was the key factor today at Alta. Deep heavy snow but crazy winds limited the fun factor. That said, there were some awesome turns to be hand in Fred’s trees!

  2. Hoping its better

    How bad was the rain at pcmr? I saw the cams and it looked like the rain knocked down the snow

  3. Jonathan

    Rain was bad at PCMR from about PayDay/Bonanza down to the base. Silverlode skied pretty nicely although very wet n’ heavy as noted above.

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