I’m dreaming of a Lloyd Christmas

Wednesday, December 17, 2014 at 5:55 am

My last day updating from my phone! Hurray! Why does the forecast have to be so complicated?

Split trough will drop into Arizona today. The split is even more pronounced than forecasted so amounts in southern Utah will likely only be a few inches in the mountains. Nothing for northern Utah.

Next system is weak and moves in Friday night. This might bring a few snow showers to the northern mountains but accumulations will be minimal.

By Sunday, a moist northwest flow develops as a ridge amplifies off the west coast. Moisture-laden northwest flows can be very productive. Despite the fact that this pattern doesn’t include a significant storm per se, we could see significant accumulations in areas favored by northwest flow between Sunday and Tuesday of next week. Definitely something to watch…

A break perhaps next Wednesday. Models hinting at a storm system still for Christmas Eve into Christmas Day, however the models are less favorable with this system this morning than they have been in recent days. Let’s hope! A white Christmas is at least a possibility right now…


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23 thoughts on “I’m dreaming of a Lloyd Christmas

      1. goatroper

        sam i am. i do not like green eggs and ham. would you be so grumpy if your skis could float? or on the couch do u sit and bloat? it may not be the perfect winter sam. but some of us dont give a damn. dont displace your anger here, while we ski all day and have no fear. though crusts and stumps are all around, great ski turns may still be found. so get up off that couch old sam. get out and play while u still can. cuz with such a bitter soul u will not live to be very old. while some old farts spew bitch and moan others seek more powder zones. the snow will come it always does. dont waste ur time hating what evan does. this site is free u can choose another, but try to smile my powder brother.

        1. AZ

          If your in PC over Christmas and New Years I owe you a six pack of beer.

          Quality post right there folks….

  1. kody

    I’m wondering if you have any recommendations for similar resources as wasatchsnowforecast.com for any of the surrounding areas. Such, as Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada and Montana? I really enjoy the clarity you provide in forecasts.

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  3. JG

    Seeing forecasts for 7-13 inches Sunday into Monday for PC on weather.com and some others, whereas a few hours ago it was “snow showers accum less than 1 inch”. Any change you see??? This would be HUGE pre-Christmas

  4. Josh

    Relax, obviously there will be an updated forecast tomorrow am. The snow conditions for tomorrow won’t change …

  5. Laura

    Very clever title! Thanks for the great forecasting. Made my land speed record trip from CA to PC a breeze today. Sierras looked a lot better than they have in a couple years. Let’s hope the systems helping our draught conditions in CA can finally “kill Voldemort” and come straight across the basin without splitting and give Utah a merry holiday season.

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