Reason for hope…

Sunday, December 14, 2014 at 6:06 am

Update: ¬†LCC resorts reporting now and the northwest flow last night helped them out a ton. Snowbird and Alta reporting 10 and 11″ respectively storm total. 5-6″ since yesterday afternoon.


A few inches of fresh snow today in some spots. A splitting system will bring a bit of additional snow, mainly to southern Utah mountains, on Wednesday/Thursday. A better chance for a system next weekend.


Resorts just reporting now and it looks like an additional 1-3″ since yesterday. That brings storn total up to 2-7″. It’s meager, but it is exactly what the forecast called for. We have a bit of a break now until the next system on Wed/Thursday. This system is disorganized and splitting. At this point, So. Utah could get a few inches but the Wasatch doesn’t look likely to see much.

Things are looking better for next weekends system. Both EC and GFS keep it together long enough to bring the whole state some action. Since this is a new develop and previously the models split the system, I’m not willing to hedge my bets quite yet but it’s something to watch.

Pattern does look like it could pick up around Christmas with more favorable systems but that’s all very much just speculation at this point. Cross your fingers!


ps… Sorry about shorter posta and typos, I’m traveling and updating by mobile device.

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13 thoughts on “Reason for hope…

  1. Peter Roskovich

    Reading your post like gospel!!! Pray for snow!! Thanks for for keeping me update. Arriving the 24th from the East, And crossing fingers!!

  2. Marcus

    Alta is reporting 10″ storm total with more expected for the afternoon. Hope this pattern change is real, and we get some heavier storms!

  3. Laura

    Thank you for keeping us all updated even while you are on the road. Speaking of travel, I will be driving i80 from SF Bay Area to Park City Wed/Thurs. I was assuming the system you are forecasting for that time frame will not be a major event that would make travel excessively difficult?

  4. DKM

    Thank you for your posts. Definitely a must read each day. Fingers crossed for some cold smoke on Christmas. My east coast crew arriving xmas day.

  5. David

    Alta was awesome today. Bottomless powder if you knew where to go.

    My only regret is that I skied so hard yesterday and my legs are so out of shape that I had to call it quits today at 1. That and the wife is home with a mcl sprain.

    They’be been blowing snow the past 2 days with the cold temps which should help the base on the groomers a lot. Plus the temp is supposed to stay below freezing for the forseeable future.

    For those of you travelling out in the next few weeks, you will be just fine.

  6. junior

    Alta was ripping today, 2nd best this season. Sad it had to fall on a Sunday. Parking lots are full as of 11:30. Great skiing out there though, if you stay clear of the crowds. Been snowing rather heavily off and on all day today. Still is. I heard Supreme was good… Go there….

  7. DG

    Skied Alta both days this weekend, It snowed all day both days..snow depth reports were very conservative…there was definitely more than 10″-12″ up on Supreme..

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