Cream on Crust

Saturday, December 13, 2014 at 6:58 am

Mountains of northern Utah reporting 1-4″ so far. A few additional showers today should bring up totals right into that 3-6″ range that was forecasted. Not enough for a powder day perhaps but your turns will be softer. As expected, southern Utah did better. Brian Head reporting 7″ of new snow this morning.

We clear out tomorrow with a break through Tuesday. Next storm drops into the region Wednesday and Thursday. Best energy drops south of the area in a split pattern.

Another break on Friday before yet another trough splits as it moves in next weekend.

So when will we see a non-splitting storm? Models hint at a wave holding together around Dec 24. Before you go around telling people we are going to have a white Christmas, at this point this is only speculative as it’s more than 10 days away. We will have to watch…


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3 thoughts on “Cream on Crust

  1. AZ

    A ‘speculative’ white Christmas is good enough! Looking forward to just the possibility.

    Will the smaller storms over the next week bring a few inches each?

    1. DM

      My wife says I am an emotional roller coaster with the weather. The “speculative” hope around Christmas just put a smile on my face. We arrive Dec 25th.
      Would love ma nature to silence all the Utah naysayers.

  2. Steve

    Any thoughts on the longer range in terms of possible patterns? On the GFS model runs, I see the possible Xmas storm, but then it looks to get even dryer after that until end of run. I know it’s very speculative, but just wondering if there are possible scenarios in the long range bringing us a better pattern. Obviously, grasping at straws.

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