Snowy (ish) Sunday

Sunday, November 30, 2014 at 6:16 am


Snow showers today and tonight in the mountains of Northern Utah.  Another system for Wednesday.  Nothing major, but enough each time to freshen things up.


Another snowy Sunday for us in northern Utah.  Snow right now is very slowly working it’s way south but as of 6AM has generally been confined to areas north of an Ogden to Evanston line.  That means Logan Summit (Beaver Mountain) has been getting hit fairly hard this morning.  Check out this timelapse of the UDOT webcam from up there:



Already a few inches from short bursts of snow and starting to snow more consistently.  That area could easily push a foot by the end of the day.

As for those of us down in the Cottonwoods/PC area, it’ll take a couple more hours at least for precip to fill in down here and it should be in a weakened state once it does.  Still, I think we’ll see off and on showers today through tonight.  PC mountains could see 2-5″ of snow through tomorrow morning with 4-8″ possible for the Cottonwoods.

Break late on Monday and Tuesday.  Deep Pacific trough moves into the west coast and reaches Utah by Wednesday.  Unfortunately this system will weaken dramatically as it moves across the intermountain west and encounters ridging.  It’s also warmer with higher snow levels.  At this point, it looks like totals will stay low and confined to above 7,000 feet.

Long range is a big question mark right now when it comes to details, but I don’t see anything major through at least the weekend.  At least we are getting some small storms in so were aren’t totally left in the lurch.


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