Opening Weekend Storm

Monday, November 17, 2014 at 7:11 am


Brighton opens tomorrow! Great snow-making conditions will continue through Wednesday. Ridge starts to break down later this week with a strong storm possible for the weekend.


High pressure dominates currently but temperatures remain cold.  Snow making has been going on at most area resorts around the clock since Saturday, with Brighton announcing a Tuesday opening last night.  All other Cottonwood resorts will also open this weekend.  Unfortunately, valley inversions will worsen today and tomorrow with air quality declining.  Won’t be a horrible event, but certainly a first taste of what’s to come later this winter.

On Wednesday, our war against the ridge commences.  A system will break through the strong ridge and move into the west coast.  It will weaken dramatically as it does so, however a few showers will be possible late Wednesday mainly in the mountains once it reaches Utah.  Another system will take a shot at breaking down the ridge on Thursday into Friday.  This system will also be fighting a losing battle and will likely be forced south of the area.

Finally we should be able to break down the ridge with a stronger system on Saturday.  This storm is looking very good in all models.  As it is, it would be a favorable setup for a significant storm with good dynamics, strong jet support, and plenty of moisture.  This system will move through starting Saturday and continuing into Sunday.  Looks like opening weekend is going to feature some POWDER!   Too early to get into amounts just yet, but hopefully things hold in the models and we get ourselves a good early season dump in the Wasatch.

Long range:

After the weekend, the models have the same general idea, but differ on how we get there.  The GFS wants to immediately build a ridge and shut out storms through at least Thanksgiving Day.  The EC also builds a ridge, but allows another system through the door before doing so early next week.  So right now, both models have a fairly strong ridge over the area on Thanksgiving Day.  However, both models also show the ridge as short-lived with more troughing moving over the western U.S. for the last weekend of November.  This is all very long range and mostly speculative but…. for what it’s worth….  Until then, let’s focus on the storm in the medium range…



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3 thoughts on “Opening Weekend Storm

  1. KC

    Love the blog read it daily. Do you have a chart that compares this years snow fall to the average like the one you used last season? It was nice to see where we stand compared to the average year. Also, it seems like the last 3 seasons have underperformed in terms of snow fall and I was wondering if there was a an assignable cause to this or just bad luck. Again, love the blog thank you for keeping us all informed.

  2. Brooks

    “” On the left check all for snow sites and uncheck all the river sites and search the map for the desired snotel site. Have fun!

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