Cold to start the week, storms to end it…?

Sunday, November 16, 2014 at 8:31 am


Storms from the past few days are out of the state now and we are just left with cold air.  Snow making will be going around the clock through Wednesday.  Storms look to return by next weekend perhaps.


I took yesterday off from proper forecasting to let the models try to reach better consensus and also so I could go up and enjoy the fresh snow.  Boy did I enjoy it! Forecast since Thursday went almost exactly as planned. 3-6″ with the first wave and 5-10″ with the second. Overall totals were in the 8-14″ range.  The one major exception was up around Logan.  Tony Grove Lake saw an extended heavy snowfall event and reports nearly two feet of fresh!

We’re still behind normal, but it certainly helped fill things in a bit…

Lightning Ridge - Powder Mountain

Lightning Ridge – Powder Mountain

John Paul - Snowbasin

John Paul – Snowbasin

East Greeley - Alta

East Greeley – Alta

Despite high pressure, temps will be cold the next few days and allow for good snowmaking.  Several resorts expect to open within the next week.  They should be able to get at least a few runs going without any issues.

Mother Nature is taking a break but will start to return to the mix later this week.  A series of systems is lining up to move into the west coast.  It’s all out war right now between this ridge and the storms.  The first system will move into the coast late Wednesday into Thursday and will mostly split and weaken.  At most, we might get a few light showers on Thursday.  The next system is right on its heels for late Friday into Saturday.  This too looks to lose most of it’s energy before reaching Utah. Right now, the consensus is that the third system that is set to arrive next Sunday may finally have the power to break through and bring us a decent snowfall.  Euro is the strongest with this system which gives me more confidence.  The Euro then has another decent system lining up for around Tuesday of next week.  The timing and strength of each of these individual systems is subject to change as this is a complicated pattern.

Still very early, but hopefully with a little luck we can get a few storms into the region before Thanksgiving weekend….




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