Watching, waiting, wishing…

Thursday, October 16, 2014 at 7:02 am

Friday AM update:

Nothing new to report… Next chance for precip will be on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Shouldn’t be much for than a few light showers.   We dry out again late next week into next weekend.  Our hope for opening the storm door is the end of the month, but right now that’s not too much more than just hope.  As soon as we’ve got something tangible to forecast, you’ll be the first to know…WSF


Nothing major in sight still.  We’ll be mostly dry through the weekend.  Next chance for precipitation will be a storm system moving in off the Pacific next Tuesday/Wednesday.  This storm weakens as it moves inland, but may tap into some moisture to our south.  It looks like at best we’ll see a few valley rain showers and an inch or two of high mountain snow.  Ridging then looks likely to return for late next week.

The only hope right now for more significant snow is the last few days of October.  A few of the GEFS and ECMWF ensembles are showing a return to troughing for the western states.  This is still far too distant to forecast with any certainty, so for now we’ll just have to keep watching and hoping more of the ensembles latch on to this idea….


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7 thoughts on “Watching, waiting, wishing…

  1. Bryan

    I’m with Steve on this. It is not the best news I wanted to hear, especially after the weather last season. I realize there is little, if any, correlation to how this winter with go, but it doesn’t help with the fever pitch and antipication of getting on the mountain.

  2. Ben

    Cool your jets everyone, it’s the middle of October. There is good skiing in the Wasatch before the end of November 1 out of every 15 or 20 years. I hope we don’t see a flake until Thanksgiving, keep it warm and dry for 5 more weeks.

  3. Steve

    Not that it will make anyone feel better, but there is an interesting post on “Wasatch Weather Weenies” by a meterology student re the correlation between a dry October and snowfall for the season. Apparently, there is a slight correlation. Was hoping to hear there was none. But we shall see.

  4. Spencer

    Until weather moral improves, I recommend starting the snow beards and burning some skis in order to have the moral changed.

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