Anomalously Awesome!

Friday, August 22, 2014 at 7:35 am

A cold trough is working its way into the area today.  This is the type of weather event that makes people like me overly excited.  Not necessarily because this system is exceptional in its structure or strength in any way, but because the time of year it is moving in.  By all definitions, this is the type of system we start seeing in late September and October rather than August.  With that being said, the atmosphere isn’t all that cold to begin with (as it’s August) so we won’t see any freezing cold temps.  We may just dip below freezing tomorrow night above 11,000 feet.  Maybe a few flakes on the very highest peaks?

For the valleys, expect showers to pick up in intensity and coverage this afternoon in Northern Utah.  These showers will continue overnight tonight with temperatures dropping.  I doubt we’ll make it to 70 in SLC tomorrow.  This will likely set an new record low maximum temperature for the date.  Generally cooler than average but slightly drier conditions should see out the weekend into early next week before we warm back up by mid-week.

This weekend’s storm is unique, enjoy it!


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2 thoughts on “Anomalously Awesome!

    1. Weather Gal

      Lol, thanks for tempting Mother Nature! Utah needs it, woohoo for cooler weather! My lawn needs it!

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