Sunday discussion… July 6

Sunday, July 6, 2014 at 10:35 am

June was a fairly typical month temperature-wise in SLC, and as you’d expect, we saw any remaining snowpacks in the Wasatch all but disappear.  The one weather note of exception was a cold front that moved through on June 17 and stalled over the area, bringing 6-12″ of snow to the high elevations around SLC.  It was the 3rd largest June snowstorm on record for Alta.  Quite a remarkable event!  June 2013 saw five 100-plus degree days at the SLC airport whereas this year, we have yet to record a triple digit day despite being close for the last few days.

This week will start out hot with temperatures continuing to push the 100F barrier at the airport.  By mid-week, we’ll see our first real push of monsoonal moisture into the entire state.  Good chance for thunderstorms in the afternoon later this weekend and into next weekend if current trends hold.  With the additional moisture, high temps should cool by 5 degrees or so for a bit of relief.  El Nino summers often feature above average precipitation during the monsoon months, so this could be the first of many monsoonal moisture push between now and the end of summer.

Speaking of El Nino, ONI values plateaued a bit since mid-May, but there are indications that the Pacific 3.4 region is warming again and we may see stronger El Nino conditions develop over the next month or so…. We’ll be watching.  CPC still gives us an 80% chance of a full-blown El Nino event developing by October.  Current models forecasting a moderate El Nino… I’m still hoping it is stronger than expected.   As always, we’ll keep you updated with any developments in the coming weeks/months.

If you’d like to learn more about El Nino and what it means for Utah, check out this article we wrote for Ski Utah.   Hope you’re enjoying summer activities, winter will be back before ya know it!


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