Closing day snow…?

Saturday, April 12, 2014 at 9:39 am

Saturday update:

Cold front approaching the area today will pull up moisture ahead of the front this afternoon.  A few high elevations snow showers and rain below 7,000 feet will be possible this afternoon in northern Utah.  Main front moves through tonight with better chances for precipitation.  Snow levels will drop to 5,000 feet or so.  Snow showers will continue through Sunday morning.  Accumulations will remain light with only a few inches in the high elevations.  Still,… could be just enough to make Sunday nice and soft for closing day at many local resorts.

Next week we see high pressure on Monday and Tuesday.  Beyond that, it looks like we’ll see more active weather.  Model solutions are highly varied with anything from no precipitation to a decent system.  Right now I think the most likely outcome is a series of weak disturbances mid to late next week.


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One thought on “Closing day snow…?

  1. Ryan

    Enough snow/cold to make Brighton/Solitude good options tomorrow, or do we need to stick to AltaBird (not that that’s a bad thing!)?

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