Not over yet…

Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 11:28 am

No post yesterday and a late post today… Mostly because I’m waiting for there to be more agreement in the models.  Both GFS and EC have been fairly consistent in their respective solutions for this weekend.  EC has been more aggressive with dropping the cold front through the area with more moisture this far west.  While the GFS has been equally consistent keeping the coldest air and best energy to the east along the Continental Divide.  Both models have moved ever so slightly toward the middle.  Best guess right now is that we’ll have a chance for snow develop Saturday night and continue through Sunday morning.  Even if the EC’s aggressive solution verifies, we are still only looking at a few inches.  Sunday is the last day of the season for many local resorts, it would be nice to have a bit of powder for closing day.

Model disagreement for next week, but generally agree that we’ll be warm and dry Monday and Tuesday with an increasing chance for cooler and wetter weather mid to late next week as a couple disturbances move into the Great Basin.  Too early to tell how strong they will be, but we’ll keep an eye on them over the coming days.

I’d imagine there are still powder days ahead…


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3 thoughts on “Not over yet…

  1. Stan

    Skiing the spring corduroy at Pow Mow! Thank You so much for keeping all of us skiers and riders (and weather nuts) so welll informed all season! It is Very Much Appreciated!!!!!!

  2. Mike

    I just read about a moderate to strong El Niño forecast for this winter. What does a strong El Niño do to Utah winters? Only lived here a couple of years so am ignorant.

    Thanks for the great information and interpretation.

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