Glorious Start to April

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 at 6:57 am


Another day, another hefty dose of fresh snow.  24-hour totals range from 5-14″ in Northern Utah with storm totals now of 6-20″.  Skiing yesterday was fantastic.  Today we’ll see scattered snow showers develop in the north with more steady snowfall in the mountains of southern Utah.  Break on Thursday and Friday before the next system moves in Friday night and Saturday.


Everything went right for us yesterday.  If you remember back to Saturday, I said that the Tuesday storm had the potential to drop 1-2 feet.  Of course, as soon as I said that, the models began to change the structure and track of the storm as it moved on shore.  By Monday night, the forecast was 5-10″ and I wasn’t even confident in that.  However, the warm advection portion of the storm on Monday night did as well as could possibly be expected.  The front, which looked very disorganized on the models, moved through yesterday afternoon and did a decent job of bringing a few hours of heavy snowfall to most mountains.  Like I said, everything seemed to go right for us.  What we are left with is 5-20″ since Monday night.  12-30″ since Sunday, and 20-45+” over the past 6 days.  Not too shabby.

Yesterday was perhaps the best skiing of the year in the Cottonwoods/PC and today should be very good as well.  Cold core of the trough is currently tracking east through Southern Cal/Nevada and will pass to our south today.  This will bring steady snowfall to the mountains of Southern Utah.  It will also drag moisture and instability over northern Utah this afternoon.  This should act to enhance shower activity during the day today.  Showers will be of a “popcorn” variety and accumulations should be only a few inches at best.  But it will continue to improve conditions!

We clear out again tonight and Thursday and Friday will be break days before the next system moves in this weekend.  This system has two distinct waves — one for Saturday morning and another for Sunday.  Neither wave looks particularly strong, but each is capable of dropping 3-6″ or so, which will soften things up again.  The weekend could feature more good skiing!

Long range:

We clear out and ridge up next Monday with warm temps expected next week.  Highs in the 70s in the valleys with 50s on the mountain.  We should stay dry for at least 4 or 5 days.  Models try to bring a weak system in around April 11.


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One thought on “Glorious Start to April

  1. waterman478

    Snowbird was awesome again today…not all-time like Monday/Tuesday, but still lots of fresh lines especially if you were willing to travel a bit.

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