Yet another Tuesday Special

Tuesday, April 1, 2014 at 7:36 am


6-9″ fell on the Cottonwoods and along the Upper PC ridgeline overnight with less amounts elsewhere!  Snow will continue off and on today with an additional few inches.  Snow showers linger into Wednesday.  Break in the action begins Thursday and lasts through Friday before our next, weaker system, arrives over the weekend.


If I’m not mistaken, today makes 3 out of the last 4 Tuesdays that have been legit powder days.  6-9″ fell on the Central Wasatch overnight as warm advection moisture streamed up from the southwest.  Generally areas like the Cottonwoods don’t do too well in this type of flow, but last night seems to be the exception.  Other areas of the Wasatch aside from the Cottonwoods and PC generally saw 3″ or less.

Here is a picture of Solitude this morning showing at least 7 or 8 inches on the tables at the mid-mountain lodge:


Snow will continue off and on today as the front itself finally moves through.  Flow will turn to west and northwest this evening and precip will turn showery and linger through tomorrow.  Overall, we can expect another 3-8″ of snow to fall in the high Wasatch by tomorrow morning.  A generally unstable and moist airmass will keep the threat for a few afternoon showers around on Thursday.

Southern Utah mountains should get a good dose of snowfall tonight and Wednesday!

Friday will be a break day before the next system moves in on Saturday.  Differences in the models leads to a lack of confidence, but it looks like it will be a fairly weak system.

It does look like we’ll ridge up for warm weather early next week but models hint that systems could move back into the area around April 11 or so.

Enjoy all the fresh snow… We’ve now seen 30-40″ since last Wednesday in many locations!


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9 thoughts on “Yet another Tuesday Special

  1. Tom Bennett

    Dumped all morning at Snowbird. Knee deep in some places (high Baldy). Was still pounding when I left at 12:30.

  2. chandler

    today was so unreal at snowbird… only skied from 2 to 4 30 and it was probably the best day of the year.

  3. Aaron

    Great day at solitude today. Knee deep powder to be found until last chair. Probably the best day I’ve had all year.

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