Some technical difficulties this morning…

Saturday, March 29, 2014 at 9:08 am

Quick Saturday update….

Warm but very windy today as a cold front begins to approach the area.  Front has a strong jet associated with it — responsible for the high winds. Snow should start tomorrow morning just as the lifts start to run.  Duration of this system is short with clearing by Sunday evening.  This will limit amounts.  Think 5-10″ is a good bet.  I think tomorrow will be the type of day where conditions improve throughout the day.

Break on Monday before the next system moves into the area late Monday night and early Tuesday morning.  This system looks quite strong with good moisture, good dynamics, and slow movement.  My initial instinct is 1-2 feet. Tuesday and Wednesday could be $$$.  More on this tomorrow AM…

Another system likely for late next week (Friday or Saturday)…


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5 thoughts on “Some technical difficulties this morning…

  1. Steve

    So, on the potential Fri/Sat system, what does Euro show? On the GFS model runs, one run shows a system and the next takes it away. Been doing that for a couple of days. I know I have incomplete info though, and hence my question. Thanks

  2. The Dude


    If you would like to view the ECMWF for free some data is available here:

    On the right click off “weather stations” and “radar” then scroll down (the right panel) and click model data and then the gear (this will give you the model options) and select ECMWF. “J” and “L” on your keyboard will let you move through the model output. The 500 mb vorticity charts are not ideal (in my opinion), but you can view the QPF output and 300/200 mb winds nicely.

    1. The Dude


      Also, note when you are viewing ECMWF model data that it has a cold bias in the 3-7 day range and loves to cutoff systems in the SW US in the mid range.

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