Tuesday Surprise

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at 6:59 am


Storm performed MUCH better than expected with totals of 5-11″ throughout the Wasatch!  Winds have subsided a bit as well.  Good day to be “sick”!  Enjoy!


Wow! Did not expect that to happen!  Everything was going according to plan yesterday afternoon.  The front swept through with more wind than snow with only an inch or two in most locations.  Then things started to deviate from plan yesterday evening.  A secondary wave of energy moved in from the north and spread snow back into the mountains from Logan all the day down to Provo.  A northwesterly flow kept the snowfall going for most of the evening.  If that wasn’t enough, a lake effect band set up southeast of the lake for several hours overnight to enhance snowfall further.

Most of the snow seems to have subsided now, but we are left with 7-8″ of new snow in the Ogden Valley surrounding mountains, 5-8″ along the PC ridgeline, and 8-12″ in the Cottonwoods.   All of this falling from what was forecasted to be a 1-3″ storm.  Chalk it up to the magic of the Wasatch ;-).

There was still a fair bit of wind overnight, although it was nothing like the wind during the day yesterday.  Watch the Snowbasin snow stake cam turn into a snowdrift overnight:



Looks like there will be some very deep pockets of wind deposited snow today!

Looking ahead, we will be mostly dry and cool today.  Warmer on Wednesday into the weekend.  Most energy will stay to our north, however there will be a few disturbances and weak cold fronts that could bring clouds and even a few showers to the mountains of far northern Utah.  One front is timing for late Thursday and another on Saturday.  Aside from that, we look to be relatively quiet for at least the next week.

Long range:

Still indications of a pattern change taking place by the end of the month.  Models still struggling with timing and strength of the first system.  We will give them another day or two to try to sort themselves out.


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3 thoughts on “Tuesday Surprise

  1. Josh

    I had just woke up and did my typical daily check of the Alta mountain report on my phone. My first response was “wait, what?!”. Needless to say, my plans for the day just changed!

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