Two Feet of Wind

Monday, March 17, 2014 at 7:47 am


Fast moving cold front will push through the area today (Monday).  Quick burst of snow expected for the mountains with more wind than anything.  Gusty winds could cause lift holds today.  We start to clear out tomorrow and Wednesday.  Another weak front Thursday looks to be mostly dry.  Next good chance for snow not until near the end of March.


Cold front is rapidly approaching the area as of 7:30 this morning.  Winds are strong ahead of the front and they should remain gusty behind the front.  Snow will develop in the high elevations today but the fast-moving nature of this front should keep duration short and therefore limit amounts to 1-3″, with perhaps slightly more in places.  Not a big snow event.

Temps will be much cooler tomorrow but we’ll start to clear out.  Wednesday will be warm again before the next front moves in on Thursday.  This next front looks almost completely dry now.  We’ll only see cooler temps and some wind.

We are in a dry pattern right now.  After a February and early March that saw almost constant active weather — and got us near or above normal in snowpack numbers — we have now once again entered an extended break.  Luckily, it does appear there is some type of end in sight.  For several days now, both the GFS and EC ensembles have supported the idea of digging a large trough into the west sometime around March 26-27.  Last time the models dug a trough into the West it failed to materialize, but this time it has the support of the MJO and PNA which lends a bit more credence to this solution.  Don’t give up on winter yet, I think there’ll be a few more snowstorms yet late this month and into April.


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5 thoughts on “Two Feet of Wind

  1. Vic

    Not ready for winter to be over! Just hit my 100th day a couple of days ago but I want more! It’s not Mtn biking season just yet! Keep up the good work WSF! Cheers!

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      There are a couple impulses that will bring slight chances to areas mostly north of Utah. It’s always possible one of these could be a bit stronger and dip farther south than currently progged, but even if this were to occur, I think it’s highly unlikely we see much more than an inch or two.

  2. andrew bitleris

    Thanks for the quick response. I have a flight booked 3/20-3/25 and was hoping to catch some freshies. When I bought my ticket (3/2), the models were showing much more moisture during the 20-25th range than they are now. Funny how things change so quickly.

  3. Will it ever snow again in Tahoe?

    The 10-day forecasts are always a tease. Last week, the 10-day forecast showed a nice wave of precipitation hitting the West Coast. Each day, the storm moved further to the north. It’s now supposed to mainly effect the Canadian Rockies!

    The same thing is happening with the large trough forecast for the end of the month. Yesterday, it looked like the West Coast might get one last storm. But the last 3 model runs have consistently moved this storm to the north. At this rate, the storm is likely to produce some more wet weather for the Pacific Northwest, but very little for Tahoe (or Utah).

    But the 20-day forecast gives us hope! Another trough looks to be developing for the first week of April. Just like the last two, this one is supposed to hit Tahoe and Utah. Keep your fingers crossed.

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