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Friday, March 14, 2014 at 7:49 am


A weak system will move through Northern Utah tonight into Saturday morning.  This system lacks moisture, energy, and is fast moving — so only expecting 1-4″ above 7,000 ft.  Sunny and dry on Sunday before the next system moves in for late Monday into Tuesday.  Potential for a stronger storm late next week.


Today will start off mostly sunny but we’ll see an increase in clouds across Northern Utah ahead of a system moving into the area tonight.  This system is weak in every sense of the word as well as a quick mover.  In general, 1-2″ of snow above 7,000 ft can be expected from roughly SLC/PC northward to the Idaho border.  There may be a few isolated pockets of 3-5″, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.  Still, it should be just enough to soften up turns for your Saturday shredding purposes.

Back to warmer, dry weather late Saturday through Sunday…

Next system starts to move into the area late on Monday.  Again, this system is fast-moving and will mostly graze Northern Utah, but might have a bit more energy to work with than tonight’s storm.  Right now I’m going to keep the forecast conservative and guess that it will only be a 3-6″ storm, but if model trends continue to dig this system a little deeper, it could be a bit better for us for another Tuesday powder day.

Again, we return to Spring-like ridging for Wednesday through Friday of next week before we have a shot for a more significant system around Saturday, March 22.

Southern Utah won’t see much out of the next two systems, but stands a better chance for snow with the third system around the 22nd.

Long range:

MJO is now in phase 1, which is the first of four generally favorable phases.  The big hope is that we’ll see the downstream effects by the end of the month that could hopefully lead to a snowy end of March and beginning of April.  Unfortunately, there are several ensembles that are forecasting the MJO to weaken substantially over the next week or two which would severely limit its effects.  My personal feeling is that we stand a good chance of seeing a good end to the month of March.  Time will tell… Stay tuned…


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  1. Spank Tickleman

    When in doubt, “Insert Title Here” works… Hopefully we can squeeze out a couple more good storms before rocking full time shorts and tank tops.. I don’t want to summerize the sleds just yet. ..

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