Spring-like Weather Returns

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 at 7:25 am


Fresh snow remains from yesterday’s system.  Dry weather today through Friday before northern Utah gets clipped by a weak system Friday night into Saturday.  Warm and sunny weather returns on Sunday and Monday.


Yesterday’s storm system did well for us.  If you recall, the forecast going in was 4-8″.  Most ski resorts in the Wasatch reporting 4-10″ with the exception of LCC, which is reporting 14″ storm total at both Alta and Snowbird.  Didn’t hear a single bad word about ski conditions yesterday as everybody seemed to be having an awesome pow day.

We will be mostly clear today, tomorrow and Friday across northern Utah.  Southern Utah will be close enough to a cutoff low that it may occasionally see some clouds and even high elevation snow showers today and tomorrow.

Next system moves in on Friday night. This system is only going to clip far northern Utah, so at this time I would expect only a couple inches of snow at best for the northern mountains.  It could be just enough, however, to soften your turns up on Saturday.

High pressure returns for the second half of the weekend into Monday.  Next possible system after that is around Tuesday of next week, however EC and GFS still disagree on if this system will dig far enough south to bring us a chance for precipitation.

Long range:

Both the EC and the GFS show a deeper system dropping into the Western U.S. late next week.  Yesterday it was just the EC showing this, now the GFS shows it too and is actually deeper and stronger with the system than the Euro.

Overall, the next week will have a couple shots for light snow accumulations with the next best chance for snow arriving somewhere around March 20-21.   MJO is still moving toward phase 1.   As long as it maintains its strength, this should help drive a stormier pattern into the West for late March/early April.


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2 thoughts on “Spring-like Weather Returns

  1. Colin

    I love your insight! Great detail! Question though… You talk about different phases. What are the phases referring to? I will be in UT March 21st 22nd. hope you are correct about a storm on 20-21!

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      Phases are different locations of the MJO that correlates with higher and lower precipitation amounts for us in Utah… MJO is a complicated oscillation that I’d rather not try to explain in a comment. But if you google search Madden-Julian Oscillation, you’ll likely find some good descriptions of exactly what it is.

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