Fresh Snow Friday

Friday, March 7, 2014 at 6:32 am


3-6″ of snow fell on most Utah resorts overnight.  Scattered snow showers will continue today with minimal additional accumulations.  Warm and sunny this weekend before our next system moves in late Monday into Tuesday.


3-6″ being reported overnight around the Wasatch.  Storm had a difficult time getting organized last night and we never quite saw the prolonged period of heavy snow I was hoping for.  A few more snow showers today could bump us up right into the 4-8″ range that was forecasted, but I think it’s safe to say most of the reports will be on the low end of what models were suggesting.  That makes two systems this week that have ended up being slight disappointments — both of which were fast moving cold fronts out of the northwest.  Of course, last week/weekend we had two storms that both overproduced.  So like I always say, it always evens out in the end.

After a few additional snow showers during the day today, it looks like we’ll be dry and warm throughout the weekend with very Spring-like conditions in place.

Clouds will increase during the day Monday ahead of the next system which drops into the area Monday night into Tuesday.  This system looks very similar to the past two systems we’ve had, so right now I’m not confident enough to say anything more than 3-6″… but hopefully this one works out a bit better for us.

Long range:

High pressure ridging starts again Wednesday of next week.  GFS and EC both suggesting that a very weak system could drop in around Saturday, March 15 — but otherwise, we look to stay in a warm and dry pattern for awhile.  Still some suggestions of a deeper trough digging into the Western US around March 18 or so…. We’ll keep an eye on that.


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7 thoughts on “Fresh Snow Friday

  1. David

    @WSF- NOAA just issued a El Nino Watch for Fall 2014. While I still hold hope for this season the pessimist in me is looking on to next season. My understanding is that El Nino’s typically result in more moisture for the SW US. Any thoughts on how this specifically relates to Wasatch Powder?

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      Why be pessimistic? Right now the overall snowpack numbers in the Wasatch are slightly above normal. As for next year, there has been a lot of talk about El Nino for the past couple months. Right now there is only a 50% chance of El Nino developing for next winter according to the CPC. If it does happen, it would likely favor Southern Utah but the Wasatch is generally near normal during El Nino years. A bit early to dwell on that now though . . .

  2. dreamer

    Just a thought but overall wasatch totals don’t really tell an accurate story for the central Wasatch…especially if Alta averages 514 inches and as the high point in the central Wasatch ski areas is at 307 currently with a week of ridging in the forecast… it’s great that the far north is doing good but down here it feels like a far different story… and recipe for pessimism since we haven’t had a decent winter in 3 years…as a Little Cottonwood season passholder I’d say you’re right that the glass is half full as the skiing is pretty good – but then again we might as well start looking toward winter next year when dreaming of a stable snowpack and good snow year…

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