Next Round Moving In

Thursday, March 6, 2014 at 6:56 am


Another quick-moving storm is going to enter the region today with snow developing in far northern Utah this morning and spreading south into the Central Wasatch by this afternoon.  Heavy snow is possible this evening before turning showery overnight.  Accumulations of 4-8″ with up to 12″ in favored locations is likely.  Dry and mild weather this weekend — next system timing for Monday night into Tuesday of next week.


We currently have our next system moving into the area out of the northwest.  You can see the increase in moisture on this enhanced satellite loop:



Precipitation is already beginning up near the Idaho border and will make its way south throughout the day, reaching SLC/PC area during the afternoon.  Snow will likely be heavy at times this evening above 7,000 feet before turning showery overnight.  Snow levels will start out high, near 6,500-7,000 ft before lowering quickly tonight to bench level 5,000-5,500 feet.  4-8″ is likely above 7,000 ft with perhaps up to a foot in favored locations if we get lucky.  Most of which will fall after lift closing today, so tomorrow’s skiing/riding should be great!

This weekend will feature ridging and warm temperatures once again.  Very Spring-like!  Next system moving in late Monday into Tuesday.  This system looks similar to its predecessors as a fast moving cold front that could drop 4-8″ with perhaps more if things come together just right.  Still plenty of time to fine tune amounts before this system arrives.

Long range:

After Tuesday of next week, it looks like we ridge up for a more extended period.  We really haven’t seen more than 5 days of ridging since January, so it’s about time we had a more extended break.  This ridge looks to hold firm for at least a week.  Here is a look at forecasted height anomalies for March 16:



Strong high pressure over the Western US…

However, both the GFS and ECMWF show this high pressure breaking down starting around March 18.  Here is a look at the same height anomaly map for March 20:



Now a deep trough has developed over the West…

While anything this far out is far from certain (“fantasy land” as it’s known), we can take a general impression that this won’t be the same 2+ week break we saw in January.


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8 thoughts on “Next Round Moving In

  1. Caroline Graham

    Another silly question Evan, but what is a “ridge” exactly in weather terms?

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      It is an area of high atmospheric pressure. Generally keeps storms away. The jet stream (moving west to east) rides over this area of high pressure, forming a “ridge”. The opposite of a “trough”. We don’t like ridges around these parts 😉

  2. Wheeler

    Evan. Thank you for the excellent forecasting service which you provide. I make sure I get to Utah once a year to enjoy your goods, and I am rarely disappointed. We fly in tomorrow night. Would the cottenwoods be considered a ‘favored location’? Or further north? Thanks again. You rock!

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      The Cottonwoods would be favored, but in your position, you have the luxury of seeing where the most new snow falls, then hitting it up on Saturday. I have a feeling PowMow or maybe Solitude will be good bets for you, as they have a tendency to hold untracked powder for longer.

  3. Dr. Galazkiewicz

    What kind of temps to you think we are looking at from now-Tuesday then from Weds-Sun? Will be in town from the 12-16 and trying to plan my stops. I think it’ll be PowMow on Thursday, PCMR Friday, Solitude Sat, and ??? Sun.

  4. Jake

    What lifts ussually have the most powder at powmow? Going thee this Saturday for a friends b-day. Thanks!

  5. pen fifteen club co founder

    Wow Jake gets the award for the dumbest question of the season, congratulations!

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