Wrapping up another storm cycle

Sunday, March 2, 2014 at 6:05 am


Current storm is winding down.  Moist westerly flow with embedded disturbances will keep a chance for snow showers in the area through Monday with minimal accumulation.  A weak system moves through Northern Utah on Tuesday with a chance for a few inches of snow.  Another storm likely for Thursday/Thursday night.


Snow tapered off for most areas overnight with just a few scattered snow showers around now.  Snow totals since Friday evening range from 8-20″ throughout the mountains of Northern Utah.  Beaver Mountain saw snow all day yesterday and looks to be the winner for most snow, although Powder Mountain is a close second.  This brings 3-day snow totals since Thursday morning to 15-30″.  Not a bad haul!  This was mostly medium to high density snow as well, so it will help our SWE numbers immensely.  Updated look at snowpack tomorrow.

Today and tomorrow we’ll be clearing out, however there will be a moist westerly flow in place with a few embedded weak disturbances.  Can’t rule out snow showers at times in the mountains through Monday afternoon, although accumulations should be light.

The next system moves through on Tuesday.  This system isn’t strong in any model, but will still bring the potential for a few inches of snow to the high elevations, mostly near or north of SLC.  This system will be followed by high pressure for Wednesday with warming temps.

Another system still looks to push in on Thursday.  Again, not the most impressive system we’ve seen.  Most of the energy will focus on Northern Utah where additional accumulations will be likely.

Long range:

Still looking like we ridge up next weekend.  Most models keep systems to our north for the most part through the middle of March.  There have been some indications of the ridge breaking down around the middle of March, but that is just speculation at this point.

The MJO, which would be a key driver of a stormy pattern for our area, was progressing nicely through Phase 8 until the last two days, when it made a U-turn and is headed back toward Phase 7.  Not good news for us!  For whatever reason, the MJO just does not want to be in favorable phases for us this winter.  We’ll continue to monitor . . .


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4 thoughts on “Wrapping up another storm cycle

  1. Alberto Tomba

    when you say storms ride to the north through the “middle of march”, what dates are you referring to? i know its still a ways off and any forecast for that time period is fantasy land, but i’m coming out the 12-16 and am hoping for some fresh snow on the ground when i get there!

  2. Bryan

    WSF, thanks again for the posts! Could you explain MJO a bit. I remember you had posted a chart a week ago or so. Thanks again.

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