Between Systems

Friday, February 28, 2014 at 6:43 am

Friday PM update:

Storm system continues to spin counterclockwise off the California coast, sending in clouds and moisture in a southwest flow.



Scattered showers have already been occurring throughout much of the state today and will continue to become more widespread tonight.

Snow will fall primarily above 7,000 feet with rain/snow mix or rain below that.  Heaviest snow will fall from approximately midnight tonight through noon tomorrow.  Here is the latest 12-km NAM graph for Alta:



My best guess would be 4-6″ by the time lifts start running at 9 AM with an additional 4-6″ after that.  That would bring totals to 8-12″.  Obviously this is broad-brushing it a ton, so there will likely be spots with more and less than those amounts.  This graph has about 15″ total for the Cottonwoods, but this model can overdo it, especially in these type of storms.  Plus, I was conservative with yesterday’s totals and it worked out for us — so stick with what works, right?

Snow will taper off Saturday evening with off and on snow showers through Sunday with light accumulations.

As for an update on my sick dogs… Not sure what they got into in the backyard that led to them both getting sick last night, but we’ve gone 8+ hours without vomit in our house and both dogs are doing well. WSF





Yesterday’s system over-performed with 8-12″ for most resorts, half of which fell overnight. First chairs today will be awesome!  Another storm moves in tonight with rain and snow above 7,000 feet.  Mountain snow continues into tomorrow.  Saturday powder day!


Totals yesterday exceeded expectations for most areas.  Beaver Mountain and Brian Head, the two extremes for Utah resorts in the north and south saw 4-5″, but everywhere in between saw 8-12″.   Full totals reports can be found by clicking the Ski Utah logo in the right side bar.

First chair today should be great!  I skied Brighton yesterday evening and it snowed hard through 9 pm, with free refills everywhere.  This is what the Snowbird snowcam looked like yesterday evening after they cleared off 7″ already at 4 PM:


Winds will pick up and become strong later today ahead of the next system which is now impacting California with heavy rain.  Rain will begin to fall late this afternoon or this evening with high snow levels at first, possibly near 7,500 feet.  Rain/Snow will become more intense overnight and tomorrow morning before dwindling Saturday afternoon. Snow levels will drop down to 6,000 feet or so by Saturday. Most of the storm should be done by Saturday evening.  Saturday looks to be this weekend’s best powder day.

Models agree now that there won’t be as much precip lingering into Saturday night and Sunday, therefore totals may not be as high as they would have been.  Still think 6-12″ is likely with a good chance for more in certain areas.

Break on Monday before another weaker storm moves in late Tuesday.  Stronger storm still likely for late Thursday into Friday of next week.


P.S.  Sorry for the shorter post today, but I was up most of the night tending to two sick dogs.  Not really feeling up to writing a long, detailed post.  Tomorrow…..

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17 thoughts on “Between Systems

  1. Quinn

    Well folks he said it Saturday is the best powder day! That is the day of the Wasatch showdown ( Come on up to Brighton to participate and support the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. It’s going to be a blast with a snowy ski/snowboard scavenger hunt then BBQ, raffle, silent auction and after party! Registration is the day of from 8-9:30.

  2. Ryan Bean

    I always look forward to your posts regardless of how long they are. Thanks for the update. I am planning another trip next Thursday -Monday. Commuting from Florida can be tough, but your forecasts help make the decision when to catch a flight to Utah. Keep up the good work WSF. POW MOW is calling!!

  3. Lee

    Once again awesome forecasting. I do have a favor to ask though. What are your thoughts on Jackson this weekend? May be chasing up there after skiing the bird today.

  4. Dave Mack

    Great call on first chairs Friday AM!!! Made 4 quick runs at Snow Basin before going to work and found 12″ of untouched POW each run! My best day this year!!

  5. Laura

    So glad your doggies are ok! Thanks as always for your posts. Looking forward to getting back to PC mid-month to enjoy the snow.

  6. Ross

    SNOW SNOW SNOW. Every time I get a visitor from back east they bring the storm with them. I should have people come out every weekend, eh? Thanks for the always granular forecasts, they are appreciated.

  7. Alexander TZANNES

    i’m heading out from australia to snowbird/alta this weekend, so hugely excited about the outlook. my wife and girls, who are not coming this trip, seem more excited that your dogs are better. don’t discount the possibility of the late vomit discovery in the next few days.
    thanks for the untiring efforts.

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