Wet and Heavy

Sunday, February 9, 2014 at 6:17 am

Sunday PM update:

Snow fell for most of the day again today in the Wasatch high country with varying intensities and an additional 2-6″ accumulating.  As the title suggests, the skiing today was wet and heavy — but fun!  A lot of rumblings about mountains not having all their terrain open this weekend or being slow to open it.  Remember, they are working around the clock to keep you safe so try to be understanding.  These are about as bad as avalanche conditions can get with this quantity of wet snow falling on dry fluff from earlier this week.

Tonight, another wave moves in late this evening.  This is the final push of moisture before we dry out later tomorrow.  It should add another 5-10″, so those of you lucky enough to ski tomorrow should have a great time.  The snow will also become less dense as the night progresses as a bit of colder air works its way into the area.  Full update on later this week in the morning…  WSF



Snow will pick up again later today as the final wave of energy moves into the area.  Snowfall totals above 7,000 feet so far have ranged from 1.5 – 3 feet, with over 4 feet at Beaver Mountain!  Another 4-8″ likely before we clear out on Monday.


A wave pushed through yesterday during the evening hours and was mostly through the area by midnight.  Since then, we’ve been in a lull with only occasional showers.  That should change later today as the next wave is in Central Nevada and pushing eastward quickly.

Accumulations in the last 24 hours have ranged from 8-20″ depending on location.  This has brought storm totals up to 1.5-3 feet.   The snow that fell overnight (since closing yesterday) looks like it is most likely in the 4-8″ range of very heavy dense snow above 7,500 feet.   Reports of rain as high as 7,200′ yesterday.  So it’s going to be heavy, wet snow this morning to push around.

Snow today should increase in intensity by midday and through the afternoon before winding down this evening.  This last wave will favor the Southern Wasatch and Central Utah mountains rather than the north.  Another 3-6″ with up to 8″ is possible today.

We clear out tomorrow and Tuesday…   Next chance for storms moves in Wednesday night – Friday.  This looks like it will be another warm system and will affect primarily the far northern Wasatch.

Long range:

Models suggest a possible weak to moderate system over President’s Day weekend and then perhaps a bit of a break after that.


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14 thoughts on “Wet and Heavy

  1. Harvey Coolidge

    Hi WSF,

    We are scheduled to ski in park city next week and I am a little concerned about the wet heavy snow there. Looked at some of the webcams from PC, Canyons and DV and the conditions don’t look that great even after all the new snow. I also noticed that Sundance is coded today because of adverse weather conditions and slush. What’s the story? Should we postpone our trip?
    Thanks for your advice.

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      I don’t know why you would postpone the trip. Coverage is good. I personally think the skiing has been excellent. In fact, it’s just about the best 10-day stretch we’ve had since the 2010-11 season.

      1. Harvey Coolidge

        Thanks. I was just hoping for some soft powder! Maybe you can forecast some for next week?

        1. utahpow

          Skiing at Sundance is all-season best right now. They shut the mountain down to let the water content fall down through the snow (easier to groom), and also because of the avy conditions. Blasting starts tomorrow morning.

          I rode there all this week, and the snow coverage and conditions from the Flathead and Arrowhead lifts (“Back Mountain”) don’t get any better than this. The fear here for me is when a cold spell comes again it will freeze the wet snow and turns skiing into ice skating. So, while it’s wetter/warmer and we’re still getting storms, you’re a lot better off in my opinion.

  2. Bryan

    Thanks again for keeping us informed here along the Wasatch. Since I completely missed out this weekend, I am heading up to ‘basin tomorrow morning to get some early turns in. How will the winds be and any chance the snow level dropping down if there is any precipitation? Thanks again.

    1. Cam

      Pow-Mow was closed again all day today. Yesterday it was the winds that prevented the lifts from running. Today it was a sizable avalanche that closed the steep road leading up to Pow-Mow. Even after they cleared the road the risk of further slides was too great for UDOT to open that road. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Looking at the radar it looks like we could be getting more of that same heavy wet snow (and resulting avalanche danger) that prevented them from opening that road today. Check the Pow-Mow website for updates.

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