One week anniversary

Friday, January 24, 2014 at 7:32 am


A few more days of valley inversions and dry weather before a change starts to take place with mountain snow likely to return next week.


It has been one week since the now famous “So you’re saying there’s a chance” post in which we saw the first signs of a potential pattern change.  I wouldn’t have written that post if I didn’t feel fairly confident that a pattern change would take place at the end of January.  Sure enough, it looks like we are in store for one next week.

Our old friend, Mr. Ridge, is firmly re-establishing himself after letting a weak system drop to our east yesterday.  That system didn’t bring any precip to the area to my knowledge, but it did kick up some downslope winds that helped mix out the air a bit today.  Unfortunately, air quality will worsen again this weekend.  Another weak system will drop down the Continental Divide on Monday and Tuesday and should bring us some more clouds and breezes and maybe a chance for a mountain snow shower.

The main change comes on Tuesday night into Wednesday as a stronger system comes barreling in out of the west and effectively breaks down the ridge.  I still don’t have confidence in this system as these initial storms have a tendency to be ripped apart by high pressure, but the last few runs have been slightly stronger.   Right now I would think that it’s possible the mountains could see a few inches.

A strong and moist westerly flow develops thereafter… It’s still about a week away, but it looks like we’ll have a good chance for snow next Friday and/or Saturday.  Too early to know any of the exact timing, strength, or snow level details, but I’d say the chances are pretty good we get something fresh to ride.  Here is a teaser for model composite QPF through February 3:



Now we just wait a few days to let these systems come into better range for forecasting details.


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15 thoughts on “One week anniversary

  1. Flaccid Phallusman

    There actually was about a 3/4 inch of snow on I-15 and roughly centerville yesterday morning. I slid sideways doing 70mph in my car on the way to a test. I almost had to change my shorts but no harm done.

    1. Brad

      I drive past that same spot on my way to work also and there was snow on the road, but that spot often gets snowy and slippery but its not naturally caused. There is a refinery to the east of the freeway there called Air Products & Chemicals and they put a lot of moisture in the air as a byproduct of their processes, so when its cold that moisture freezes and makes that small section of freeway pretty sketchy.

  2. Spank Tickleman

    Since we’re doing local updates there was a nice layer of light moisture and ice on I-15 from Beaver up to about Nephi this morning.. I haven’t seen any moisture down that way in almost 3 weeks.. It’s not much moisture but any is better than none…

  3. Chandler

    Hey finally looking better! WSF.. Is it too late in the season now to think we will make up enough ground and get back to average?

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      Certainly not too late. Statistically, at this point in the season we’ve usually only seen half of our annual average snowfall. We’ve had years where we’ve seen an entire season’s worth of snow from February 1 onward. While the chances become smaller with each passing day, it’s amazing how quickly we can make up a deficit in the Wasatch.

  4. Eric Lewis

    Freezing fog, industrial waste produced snow, am I crazy to be coming out all of Feb. to ski?! Do I need to use my avalung filter just to breath in SLC?? May the change come soon!

      1. Eric Lewis

        ; ) Hey I am certain to get some good skiing in sometime in Feb in LCC. As I always say, the worse day of skiing I have ever had at Alta is better than the best day I have ever had at Stowe!

  5. Will it ever snow again in Tahoe?

    The latest GFS shows next week’s storm staying primarily to the north of Utah (and Tahoe). 🙁

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