Last new snow for awhile, enjoy it!

Sunday, January 12, 2014 at 6:16 am

First part of the system rolled through the area overnight with a strong cold front.  Cold front moved through a bit faster than expect, and therefore limited our window for good snowfall.  The forecast was for 4-8″ of snowfall overnight and we saw just about that.  Majority of resorts in northern Utah are reporting 4-5″.  Exceptions are Brighton and Deer Valley, which are reporting 8″ of snow.  Snowbasin is reporting 3″ of snow but their snow stake camera has 8″ more than it did yesterday….   Beaver Mountain, way up north, is the winner so far with 10″ new snow.

The rest of today relies on orographic lift.   Orographics are always a bit of a wild card — when all engines are revving, it can lead to really good additional snowfall totals.  Right now there isn’t too much happening, but hopefully that changes as additional impulses move through the area later today and tonight.

Long range picture isn’t pretty right now.  The ECMWF seems to have won the battle of the models and the GFS, which was showing a major pattern change, has now almost completely abandoned that idea.  It looks like Utah will be high and dry for at least the next ten days starting tomorrow.  This is very frustrating both as a skier and a Wx forecaster.  Trust me, it is not fun to have to try to grasp at straws looking for our next chance for snow.



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7 thoughts on “Last new snow for awhile, enjoy it!

  1. Ben

    Received 4 inches of moderate to high density snow at 7850′ in Silver Fork. Not currently snowing, just wind. We did have a freezing rain event here Friday night with rain crusts and signs of ice accumulation up to 10200′. Think we will need another 4+ inches to make the crust a memory. Come on orographics.

  2. AZ

    WSF, you should move to Phoenix for the winter and relieve some of your forecasting stress. You could cut-n-paste the same thing everyday.. “Sunny – High 72 – Low – 50”

    Even with the ‘bad’ snow we spend 10 days up there over Christmas and New Year with bluebird days except for one when it snowed on the 3rd. We had a great time still and the resorts should get credit for making their places fun despite mother nature. We’ll be bak for 9 more in mid-March and I’m not worried.

  3. Chandler

    Are the chances of solid oragrphic snow high or low. How much more do you think both the valleys and mountains can expect? Thanks, chandler.

  4. Steve

    Any thoughts on first week of February? I know that is in fantasyland range, but just wonering about the various teleconnections, etc . Whether any signs of moving that blocking ridge somewhere else in foreseeable future. Feel really sorry for Tahoe area. Yikes!

  5. brent brentman

    Powder mountain had 4 inches of new snow when I got there this morning, and it was coming down hard. Unfortunately all of the lifts are on wind hold for the rest of the day with winds gusting at 50 mph.

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