Just keeps on piling!

Friday, January 10, 2014 at 6:01 am

Update:  Warm advection snow never really materialized today.  This has allowed winds to be even stronger than expected and many lifts are on wind hold.  Expected a few snow showers through the afternoon, but accumulations should be light.  Hopefully the winds will back off a bit this afternoon. 



Another round of snow showers today will add generally light accumulations.  Winds will also be gusty at times today along the ridgelines.  Break tomorrow before a strong storm moves in Saturday night and Sunday bringing an additional 6-12+” of snow.


Warm advection snow started this morning over the mountains of northern Utah but has largely dissipated as of now.  Have a feeling this will fill back in some by afternoon, but snow amounts today shouldn’t be too high.  Probably 3-6″.  Still I was making turns in near waist deep snow yesterday so there will be plenty of powder for everybody.

Yesterday’s totals looked like this:

  • Wasatch north of SLC 10-15″
  • Cottonwoods 10-15″
  • PC Ridge 8-10″
  • Southern Wasatch 3-6″

That brings 2-day totals to anywhere from 12-27″.

Next storm is lined up for Saturday night and Sunday.  This is a good looking system, but is moving rather quickly.  Should be in and out pretty fast.  I think 6-12″ is a safe bet, but there’s definitely the possibility for up to 18″ in favored locations like the Cottonwoods if things go according to plan.  Whatever the total ends up being, Sunday should be a very nice powder day.

Long range:

Ridging for all of next week.  GFS continues to show the ridge breaking down after the 20th with strong storms moving into the west coast.  The ECMWF model, however, is not so keen.  In the last 2 runs of the EC, it hasn’t been quite as dominant as it was before with the ridge.  This gives me hope that we can break it down sooner.  Time will tell.  Until then, we have plenty of powder in the short term.



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  1. Eric Lewis

    I hope the reason that there is no update is that…..you are already half way up the canyon ready to rip it up! Thanks for all you work, enjoy!

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