Snow revving up again!

Thursday, January 9, 2014 at 6:53 am

Thursday PM update:

Snow winding down this evening… Should only see a few more scattered snow showers with an additional inch or two.  Reports so far today look like 5-15″ of snow.  Snowbasin seems to have gotten the best of it today.   More snow will move in early tomorrow morning (commuter’s special),  with an additional 4-8″ likely in the mountains tomorrow.

Storm system for Saturday night-Sunday still looking good to deliver another 6-12+” of snow.   Also, some good signs in the long range as well that we’ll get into tomorrow morning as long as they still show up.   WSF


Snow today will be heavy at times with accumulations of 6-12″ by tonight, additional light snow will add several inches through the day on Friday for storm totals of 10-20″ by Friday night.  Another storm moves in Saturday night into Sunday.


Radar indicating that snow is starting to fill in, as expected. across northern Utah this morning.  Already snowing heavily at 6 AM in some areas norther of SLC.  Expect the snow to continue all day in the mountains and much of the day in the valleys.  Accumulations should reach 6-12″ by tonight in the mountains with a few inches in the valleys.

Tonight snow will lighten up and stop at times.  However, snow should pick up again early tomorrow morning as a warm advection flow brings additional moisture into the area.  Another 3-6″ is possible tomorrow.  Here is the 4km NAM graph for today and tomorrow:

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

This graph is for Alta.  The 4-km NAM has a history of overdoing snowfall a bit, and other locations don’t generally pick up as much snowfall as Alta, but you can see that upwards of 20″ by Friday night is possible.  Overall, our forecast is for 10-20″ today and tomorrow.

The next system moves in on Saturday night and Sunday.  This system looks good, although maybe not quite as good as it did 24 hours ago with the last EC coming in slightly weaker.  I still think 6-12″ is likely with perhaps more.

Yesterday we saw 2-8″ of snow throughout the high Wasatch, if everything goes according to plan from here on out.  We should see 6-day totals of 18-36″.   We’ll take every inch the snow gods give us!

Long range:

Ridge builds in next week for dry and sunny weather.  GFS has been incredibly consistent of late with regard to breaking down the ridge sometime around January 20th.  The EC, however, has been equally consistent in showing no signs of the ridge budging through the span of its control run ( January 24th).    Hopefully the GFS is on to something.  We’ll have to wait and see.



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11 thoughts on “Snow revving up again!

  1. Steve

    I arrive on 1-23 for a short trip. Really hoping that GFS is correct. Been showing that huge area of storminess for days. I will build a shrine in honor of the GFS to increase chances.

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      Haha… you’ve got an idea there Steve! Yes, every GFS run has shown it for the last 72 hours! But the ECMWF just refuses to budge on the ridge. It’s interesting as a forecast because there usually isn’t such a large disparity in the models with the broad scale pattern.

  2. Dan

    Should we expect showers to kick up early enough tomorrow morning for some additional accumulations before the lifts start turning?

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      I think so, yes. I think we’ll get an inch or two (perhaps more north of SLC) before the lifts turn. That will feel a lot deeper considering it is falling on lots of fresh snow.

  3. Laura

    How did PC resorts do today? Coming back out on 1/22 and hoping things will be improved from when I left 12/30 🙂

    1. Tram

      Cant speak for deer valley or the canyons but I left Jupiter bowl at 3 and it was about 10″ today and still snowing steadily. The lower mtn had about 7-9″ at 4. Lets hope we get closer to 8 Tom. This was on top of 5″ from yesterday.

  4. Mike Carlisle

    Beaver mountain did quite well today. I patrol there and I cleared 8″ of the snowboard at 0900 hrs. Then I shoveled the snow off the upper patrol buildings deck at about 0940. At 1630 (4:30 PM) just before the mountain sweep I shoveled another 7″. I don’t know what they will report in the morning but those totals are a little better than what the Tony Grove snotel showed and I believe even a little better than Snowbasin middle bowl. But that is just today….who knows what they will get overnight and report in the morning.

    Just an FYI

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