6-day window for snow before it’s back to ridge city

Tuesday, January 7, 2014 at 7:09 am

Tuesday PM update:

Tomorrow another weak wave will move in and bring us a few inches in the higher terrain.

Models have been fairly consistent today.  12 and 18z GFS as well as 12z Euro all showed less splitting of the Thursday system.  Hopefully that trend holds.   Still thinking 5-10″ for Thursday into Thursday night.  Friday could be fun!

Next storm for late Saturday into Sunday still looks good too… Sunday should be a powder day.   Full update in the AM… WSF


Starting today, a series of disturbances will bring the chance for snow to Utah.  While none are overly strong, the cumulative effect could be decent snow totals by the time all is said and done next Monday.


First in a series of waves moves in today.  All totaled, I count at least 6 individual shortwaves between now and Monday.   However, for ease of forecasting, I’m going to continue to  break it down into 3 distinct systems.  The first moves in today and last through tomorrow.  This one is very weak and will affect mainly northern Utah mountains.  1-3″ between now and Wednesday afternoon is possible.

The second system will move in on Thursday and last through Friday.  If you’ve followed this saga, models could not agree on whether this system will split or not.  As is often the case, they are now compromising — splitting the system, but not so severely that we don’t get anything out of it.  To me, I think 5-10″ is likely for the Wasatch mountains from this system.  That puts totals from today to Friday at 6-12″.

The third system will move in Saturday evening and last through Sunday morning.  There is a trailing wave that could keep snow going into Sunday evening.  This system is the farthest out and therefore the most difficult to forecast, but another 5-10″ could certainly be possible.

Overall, 12-20″ between today and Monday seems reasonable still.   Remember, this is not all going to fall at once, so chances are the deepest single day totals we’ll see will be in the 4-8″ range.  Still deep enough to have a good powder day.

Long range:   All models agree on ridging returning for the better part of next week.  Currently, the CFS model has a major change coming for the last 10 days of January and into February with big storms moving into the central west coast and Great Basin.  This right now this is all speculation, but it certainly would be nice if it came to pass.

Let’s hope for the best this week!


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5 thoughts on “6-day window for snow before it’s back to ridge city

  1. Steve

    Will be there first week of February. Would love to see storminess then. Too far off of course, but will be watching.

  2. JT

    not looking great for my jan 18-25 time there. woo hoo, groomers….bummer. thank you for your site and work! it is appreciated.

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      JT… Right now it looks like we’ll go back to ridging next week, but the beginning of your trip is still 10 days away and a lot can change in 10 days. So don’t give up hope for fresh pow just yet.

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