MegaMillions Lottery

Thursday, December 19, 2013 at 6:08 am

Update 10:15 AM:

Totals now have gone well over a foot north of SLC in the mountains.  Here’s a look at the snow stake at snowbasin:



I expect snow to start to dwindle up north this afternoon, but continue into the evening in the central Wasatch.  Total accumulations could be greater than 18″ at snowbasin and PowMow with 10-18″ in the Cottonwoods and along the PC ridge.  Powder to the people!


The million dollar question was where would this band of snow setup.  Right now, it looks like the northern resorts were the lottery winners.  Snowbasin reporting 7″ of snow with 9″ at PowMow and still dumping, those number should be close to a foot by the time the lifts open.

Here is a look at the current radar (as of 5:53 AM):



You can see the band’s southern extent currently over SLC.  This band should slowly sag southeast today, giving the Cottonwoods their share as well.  Reports in the Cottonwoods and at PC resorts show 4-8″ already fell overnight, so a powder day is likely on tap there as well.

There was some freezing rain last night, but looking at current temps, I’m hoping it warmed up enough for most of it to melt.  Most of the rest of today should feature snow for all elevations — still not ideal for commuting but not as bad as freezing rain.

Snow will start to taper off this evening.  Total accumulations are still a tough call, but considering what is currently occurring with the band setting up over the northern Wasatch,  I think 12-18″ for the Northern Wasatch with 8-14″ for the Cottonwoods and the PC ridge.  Remember, this storm split severely, and a few days ago we were expecting next to nothing.  So thank Ullr for this early Christmas present.

The gifts keep on coming with another system for Friday night and Saturday.  Saturday should be the best powder day of the weekend.   Right now it looks like another 4-8″ on top of what we get today.


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14 thoughts on “MegaMillions Lottery

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      I’m not going to lie, I spent very little time looking past Saturday with so much complicated stuff going on right now. But the quick glance I did take looked like more ridging off the west coast. Which means our best shot for snow would likely come from backdoor systems like we are seeing today.

      Indications of a possible pattern change after the new year . . . .

  1. Scot Chipman

    I was surprised of how far north the deformation band with this storm set up! Most of the models had it between SLC and Provo but it turned out to be between Ogden and SLC. Great news for those up north.

  2. Taut Titman

    Dear Crock Potman,

    I have also seen this retardation band you speak of. There is still plenty in Provo.

  3. Mia

    We’re enjoying the snow here at Hill AFB! Glad that deformation band parked itself over us! Thanks again WSF for keeping us informed and updated on all things powder. Be safe out there.

  4. Tram

    Great forecast WSF! Had some great turns at pcmr. Deepest snow was around 7000-8200 ft on south east exposure. Sure I wish the band setup over us ( would have seen 15in easy)but good for the folks up north.

  5. boardguru

    Please don’t come to Snowbasin tomorrow, I don’t think it will be Any Good for powder shots. JK

  6. KIF

    I’m arriving tomorrow morning to SLC for 5 days. Planning on staying in cottonwood and skiing alta/snowbird for most of the time there.

    I was considering going north to snowbasin or powmow tomorrow for a half day and then heading down after.

    What would you recommend given the conditions?


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