The Proliferation of Smog

Sunday, December 15, 2013 at 8:41 am

High pressure continues to dominate, keeping air stagnant in the valleys.  Widespread valley haze/smog is likely to continue through the week, likely getting worse.  Yesterday I was able to get above the soup, here’s what the top of Ninety-nine 90 looked like:


Ninety-nine 90 – The Canyons Resort, Utah

Our hope for the last few days to bring fresh snow and mix out the inversions is a trough that is progged to drop down from AK, through BC, and into the Great Basin.  As is often the case with these troughs that ride over an uber-amplified ridge, it looks like it will split as it drops down the into the Great Basin.  All current models show most energy either passing to our far north or missing us to the west.  It looks like we’ll be left with a weak cold front in between.  Unless models revert back to earlier solutions, which is possible, we’ll likely only see a couple inches of mountain snow and might not get enough wind to mix out the valleys.

One or two more weak troughs could drop into the area, but it looks like the ridge is going to progress closer to the coast as we move toward the Christmas holiday, further shutting the storm door.

Hopefully we see a major pattern change show up in the models soon that rids of us this nasty blocking high pressure.


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  1. The Limpest Dumpiest Man Around

    If my legs aren’t getting a workout, at least my lungs are with all this pollution!

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