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Thursday, December 12, 2013 at 7:00 am

Very little has changed from yesterday’s discussion.   Bluebird up high today with haze in the valleys.   Typical Utah inversions…

Tonight clouds increase as a weak system grazes Northern Utah.  A chance for a snow shower or two tomorrow in the northern mountains.  That system clears out by Saturday for a mostly sunny weekend.

Wx stays dry and inverted through early next week.  Still looks like another cold trough will move into the area late next week.  Eastern Pacific ridge remains stubbornly parked off the coast through the extended, forcing systems north before dropping their remnants into the Northern Rockies/Great Basin.  Still not much agreement in the models on the exact strength/depth of this trough, so for now we’ll continue to wait for better agreement.  As of right now, colder weather with a chance for snow looks likely for Thursday/Friday next week (Dec 19-20).

Think of it this way, mother nature is giving you a 10-day window of dull weather to get your X-mas shopping done and not be distracted by too much fresh powder.


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5 thoughts on “Shopping window

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      Michael, it’s really hard to say. Without any clear ENSO signature (El Nino/La Nina) and conflicting teleconnections, it’s really anybody’s guess. I have a feeling we’ll continue to stay below normal through January, and might make a late run back to average in February and March, but that is just a guess. Hopefully the storm doors open sooner rather than later. WSF

  1. Mark

    Do you think something has fundamentally changed our weather patterns? After 2011-12 we figured it had to get better in 2012-13 but it didn’t turn out that way. Then we thought that there was no way 2013-14 could be bad yet here we are again. Having said that I realize we’re only 1.5 months into it, but after all of these bad years I’m starting to worry more than just bad luck is at play. Could global warming, pollution, deforestation, etc. be fundamentally changing weather patterns? Or is it really nothing more than really bad luck? I’m getting a little nervous…

  2. steve

    I was wondering the same thing. This is now my third season in Park City and I am still waiting for some good snow? I feel like the only reliable place in the USA is Jackson hole, simce weather patterns seems to have changed

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