Sunday, December 8, 2013 at 8:22 am

Sunday PM update:

Another very weak shortwave is moving into Northern Utah this evening.  It will likely fire up a couple snow showers overnight so an inch or two is not out of the question by morning.  Could make for some nice first chair turns tomorrow, but could also make the commute a pain.  We will take a full look at the long range outlook in the morning… WSF


Reports are in with wide range of totals… a couple locations saw only 4″.  Most Cottonwood resorts are reporting 9-10″.  Deer Valley 10″.

The big winners were snowbasin with 16″ and Sundance with 22″!!!  These locations were favored by the southwest flow which reigned all day yesterday before the flow finally switched late in the evening.

Overall, the average is around 9 or 10″, which is on the low end of our forecast of 8-16″.  Not a total dud, but it didn’t quite live up to expectations.

I overslept and need to race up to the hill so I’ll do a full look at the forecast this afternoon…

Take care!  WSF

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22 thoughts on “Underwhelming

  1. Ben

    I don’t believe for a second anywhere in the cottonwoods got 8-10 inches, more like 5-7. My backyard snow study plot in Silver Fork shows a storm total of 4 inches and my friends at Brighton is showing between 5 and 6 inches. Wasatchblownforecast.com strikes again.

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      Alta collins is a really good indicator and it is reporting 5″, so I tend to agree with you. However, I’m just passing along the reports from ski resorts. If you feel that way, why do you read the forecast?

    2. Venessa

      Seriously, why be a f*ckin douche? Every other forecast I saw was for 10-20″ or 1 to 2 feet. Once again WSF was the closest to being accurate. So go crawl under your bridge troll.

      1. Nick

        Now now Ben be nice, WSF works hard, and are typically right on point (they hit the low end on this storm – remember it was suppose to be 3-6″, you would notice this if your a frequent reader. 0 inches or 100 it’s about having fun not criticizing the people who forecast it for you. Pull out you Farmers Almanac next time 😉

  2. Ben

    I suppose that was a bit over the top, after all, you are just looking at the same models as other forecasters.

    However, forecasting has become too model dependent. This storm looked great, until you realize that the leading SW flow “warmed” it up to only around 10 degrees in most mountain locales. That should have been a huge sign to lower snow totals, as we never got into the money zone for dendritic crystal growth. A model might not pick up on that, but a human forecaster (at NOAA, not calling just you out) should have been able to interpret that data better.

  3. Brent

    with one line of code all of professional forecastdom could fix their numerous blown cold storm forecasts:

    if (temp<5)
    accumulationprediction= accumulationprediction / 3

  4. James

    OMFG fuck the wastach!!! i dont see ANY storms in the next 10 days ! probably 20!!!


  5. Scot Chipman

    Once again the WRF from the University of Washing has shown that it is the best forecast model to use for forecasting snow in Utah. It is not always the best but on average I think it does the best job.

    The Alta snow report and the automated Collins gauge are the two things I trust the most to get a idea of how much snow really fell.

  6. Eric Lewis

    Funny, I will say it again, I have often skied Alta and thought (along with my co-skiier) that they underestimated the snowfall, both during, and after the fact (when the give their (last 24 hour amounts). Perhaps it is just the radically different amounts different parts of the mouton(s) receive. Anyhow, I will be on the slopes at Alta every day this Feb. and just hope the base gets up above about 110′, cus I find the mountains skis alot different then, everything is covered! Thanks for all the good work. Weather predictor, with all the good data in the world, is still probabilistic, it seems just downright weird, and rude, to take you to task in this tread, I mean, trolling in a weather forecast thread, go get a life!

  7. Arm Pitman

    No doubt, if these chumps think they can do a perfect job forcasting then they can make their own blogs and f*ing prove it. It’s cowardly to talk smack after the storm comes through.

  8. Mark

    Hey Evan. I think you’re doing great and rely on you when scheduling meetings for the upcoming weeks. I shot you another $20 the other day and I hope others do the same.

  9. Tram

    Sun dance, snow basin an powder got dumped on so I guess the forecast was fine but the storm was variable. Please don’t ski here if you don’t like it.

  10. Joe Boo

    Lots off assholes on here . Wow. People need to relax, and if you dont like the site, dont come here. Wish we had something like this for Southwest Montana.

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