Storm day!

Saturday, December 7, 2013 at 5:54 am

Light snowfall is taking a bit longer than anticipated to develop in the mountains.  Radar returns show that this should fire up in the next couple hours.   Snow should just be getting started as the lifts start turning.   Snow will be off and on this morning but become steady and heavier this afternoon, with the heaviest snow falling this evening.  Lake effect still a good possibility tonight.

Forecasted snowfall amounts look good still.  8-16″ in the Wasatch with the possibility for more in areas, especially the Cottonwoods.  Let’s hope all goes according to plan!


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  • Steve

    Any updates on next weeks storm?

    • Afraid it doesn’t look great at the moment. Models split it as it moves inland. But the trends can turn. Waiting for a bit of consistency from run to run.

  • Limp Dumpman

    So no point in trying to get first chair?

    • Not really a first chair type storm. I’ll be up mid-morning through the afternoon. 🙂

  • Brent

    With the projected temps and snowfall accumulations what is leading forecasters to believe that we can wring out so much snow with temperatures around zero degrees?

    • Cold storms usually aren’t very moist, however, cold air is actually much better at “wringing out” moisture than warmer air. Also, with cold air you get higher snow ratios, so a lower SWE (snow water equivalent) can yield significantly higher snow totals.

  • Scott

    Limp Dumpman??? I just about shot coffee out of my nose!!

  • James

    oh yes of course next weeks storm doesn’t look great.. this is wasatch after all..

  • David

    Seems like the snow isn’t piling up as quickly as we hoped…4″ at Alta mid mountain at 4 PM. I hope it catches up and the forecast changes for next weekend…I fly out to SLC on 12/13 for 10 days skiing in LCC!

  • james

    This is wasatch ! What did you expect

  • Cry me a River

    ^^^^^wth is up with that guy^^^^^