I hope your Turkey food coma doesn’t last too long . . .

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 at 6:44 am

Dry weather will continue through the Thanksgiving holiday. The calendar turns over to December on Sunday, and right on cue, our weather pattern flips as well. It looks as though next week will be very cold with a good chance for snow in the Wasatch and probably in the valleys as well.

This week, we are under a ridge of high pressure. You can see us placed directly below the ridge’s axis this afternoon in this image from the EC:



Things will start to change this weekend.  The high pressure over the Western Continental US will break down.  A new ridge will develop in the Eastern Pacific around 140W.  This will force a massive (and I mean massive) trough to develop over the entire Western half of the United States.  Take a look at the difference for the exact same time (00z Wednesday) next week:



What a difference 7 days can make, huh?  What we know for sure is that temperatures will be dropping starting on Monday through the week.  How cold?  700mb temps could go as low as -15C, which would mean single digits in the mountains with 20s in the Valleys.  As for snow, it’s a little harder to forecast the exact strength and timing of impulses next week.  Right now it looks like the first one will move in on Monday.  There could be a few warm advection showers ahead of it on Sunday night, but the main precip will move in Monday night.  Additional impulses should move through the area throughout the week.

I’m not going to spend too much time getting into details because frankly the details are likely to change when we’re still 5+ days away from the start of the pattern change, but it does look like cold and snow are a given next week.  If you haven’t already, it’s time to wake up your quads for the season.



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2 thoughts on “I hope your Turkey food coma doesn’t last too long . . .

  1. Steve

    Well, I live in Hawaii and ge to Utah on the 7th. Also want to ski pow. Today’s CPC forecast has Utah in bullseye for 6-14 days out. Perfect.

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