Our December Destiny

Monday, November 25, 2013 at 7:16 am

Everything for the upcoming week is status quo… Relatively mild and dry conditions should persist through the week.  Valley inversions will strengthen this week, which means plenty of valley haze.

Things are starting to look very exciting as soon as the calendar turns over to December.  We’ve said for awhile that there looked to be a general change in the pattern as we headed into December — it’s only been in the last 36 hours that we’ve been able to see whether that change was for good or bad.  It looks like it will be good.  Perhaps very good…

Starting on Sunday, the ridge will start to break down over the Great Basin with a the first in a series of cold Canadian troughs dropping into the area.  The first one, as is often the case, looks to be relatively weak.  It will probably move through late Sunday or Monday.  After that, all global models agree that there will be a stronger, colder trough for the middle of next week (Tuesday or Wednesday-ish).  Then possibly a third trough after that.

We are still over a week away from the start of this pattern, so details are vague.  But, it is looking more and more likely that we’ll get much colder with a good chance for snow next week.  Let’s not get too excited yet, as there is still plenty of time for models to change their minds.  But it’s worth noting that all signs currently point to POW!

Keep the positive vibes going . . .


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3 thoughts on “Our December Destiny

  1. Robm

    Agreed! Positively! Just that we get to slide on snow is a miracle itself. Thanks for great reports 🙂 I’ll click the link to buy stuff through this next time.

  2. Steve

    I was moaning and groaning about CPC 6-14 day forecasts. it’s finally onboard with above normal precip for 6-14 day period. Nice!

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