One for the South!

Friday, November 22, 2013 at 8:00 am

Downslope winds, while still present, have died down this morning.  Alta opens today with great skiing on tap — they’ve seen about 6-8″ of snow since Tuesday on top of what we got this past weekend.  Should be fun!

Today’s story is snow for southern Utah.  And lots of it, the Low pressure center is slowly starting to move east into southern AZ, and it is sending up copious amounts of precipitation.  Look at the forecasted precip over the next couple days in the southwest!



This is going to translate into plenty of snow for the high elevations of S. Utah.  I’ve said for the last couple days that Brian Head would be the place to be today and tomorrow, hopefully someone is there enjoying the fruits of this storm.  Total snow fall in Southern Utah will likely exceed 2 feet in many areas with possibly as much as 30″ for southfacing slopes.  Northern Utah will be dry for now but could see a bit of wrap around precip as the Low exits the region on Sunday.  Shouldn’t be more than a quick shower if anything…

Next week we are dry through at least Wednesday.  Models then diverge on how to handle the next system.  Some models and ensembles drop it down the California coast as a closed low, which would do little for us in the way of precip (except for possibly far southern Utah).  Other models and ensembles show it as more progressive and moving through the Great Basin into Utah on Thanksgiving day.  This solution could bring us a Turkey Day storm… With so much uncertainty, it’s almost impossible to make a forecast right now so we’ll just have to wait another day or two and see if a consensus in the models is reached.

Uber long term:  A quick look into “fantasy land” for the GEM, EC, and, to a lesser extent, the GFS shows a cold trough developing over the Western CONUS as we head into December… that would be very good news for Utah.  But fantasy land is a place of dreams and not one of reality — so don’t lose your cool just yet.


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2 thoughts on “One for the South!

  1. Steve

    Been looking at the daily 6-14 day precip/temp forecasts from NOAA Climate prediction Center for a while. Pretty much ever day, including today the prediction is for N. utah to have below normal precip. Sure would like that to turn around at some point.

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