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Thursday, November 21, 2013 at 7:53 am

Thursday PM update:

Downslope wind event is occurring right now along the Wasatch Front.  Areas north of SLC up to Ogden are seeing the worst of it, as is usually the case.  We’ve seen wind gusts approaching 80 mph in that area.  The same easterly flow that is bringing the downslope winds this afternoon has also been generating upslope precip on the Wasatch Back.  Park City area has seen anywhere from 3-6″ since noon today.

Precip is slowly moving south right now and should clear out of the area by midnight.  Let’s hope we can squeeze every last flake out of this system.  Southern Utah is just getting started with well over a foot likely down there over the next 36 hours.  Anybody heading to Brian Head for some powder?


Snowfall fell off and on overnight but despite some periods of heavy rain in the valley, there just didn’t seem to be enough forcing to get much of the precipitation up to the mountains.  High elevations of the Wasatch saw about 1-3″ yesterday with another 1-3″ overnight for totals of about 2-5″.  Because this has been heavy, wet snow over a prolonged period, we’ve seen a lot of compacting of the snow so it looks and feels like even less.  More snow showers today will likely add another 1-3″, but it still looks like we will see the low end of the forecasted amounts (4-8″).

The Wx event of note for today will be the potential for strong downslope winds along the Wasatch Front.  If you’re in a location prone to these easterly winds (you know who you are), I urge you to take the steps necessary this morning to tie down patio furniture, etc.  It’s going to get mighty breezy.

This weekend, Northern Utah will be dry.  However, the closed low currently off the SoCal coast will start meandering east through AZ.  This is will feed moisture and high elevation snow into Southern Utah.  This might be a good weekend to head to Brian Head if you’re still desperate for powder.  But details are still vague on how much they could see.  Check back tomorrow….

The long range is an absolute mess.  Several models and runs have shown a repeat close low off the California coast next weekend.  Right now, it looks mostly dry through Thanksgiving, but I have very little confidence beyond about Tuesday of next week.  We’ll just have to wait and see what transpires in the models over the next several days.



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11 thoughts on “Wind event

  1. dufus

    Eagle Point (although not yet open) just reported 7″ and is expecting that to double down before tonight

  2. Patrick

    12 GFS showing precious moving into northern Utah Thanksgiving evening now through Friday. Hopefully the start of a trend!

  3. Tram

    I had a solid 6″ since 6am in the stagecoach area in pc. That’s 7600ft so the snow seemed not to compact as much as in town/kimball

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