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Friday, November 15, 2013 at 6:48 am

Friday PM update:

Everything still looking good for tomorrow!  If anything, latest runs of short term models have come in a little snowier than earlier today.  Also, models are continuing the trend toward bringing us a chance for more snow middle of next week.  Get ready for storm day tomorrow!


There is a lot riding on these early season storms.  Usually a storm brings a powder day or two, but these early season ones hold the keys for opening up the entire playground.  When I get up and see the model runs and look at the charts first thing in the morning, I breathe a huge sigh of relief when I see that everything is still on track.  Such is the case this morning.

Leading edge of the first weak wave is currently (at 6:30 AM) bringing snow to the far northern Wasatch, slowly making its way south toward the SLC area.  You can see this on the radar:



Snow should begin by 8 AM in the mountains and continue through about noon-ish.  Still expecting 1-3″ with more possible up near the Idaho border.  Valleys will see a light rain/snow mix.

Tonight is a break before the stronger, colder storm tomorrow.  Snow should begin early in the morning and continue steadily through most of the day in the Wasatch.  Latest model runs have come in ever so slightly better than last night.  GFS brings about 6″ of snow to the Wasatch, EC and GEM bring 6-12″, and the NAM/WRF bring closer to 15″ of snow.  NAM does a better job picking up on influences like orographics and even lake enhancement, so we’ll compromise, but put a bit more weight on the NAM.

The WSF forecast is still for 7-14″ total for the Wasatch mountains, but this is a somewhat conservative estimate and I would not be surprised if certain locations bested it.   I expect several feet of snow to fall directly below snowguns! Take advantage of the cold temps guys!

Storm will be moving out and we’ll clear up on Sunday… Quick look ahead shows another fairly weak system for late Tuesday and Wednesday of next week that could supplement snow totals a bit.

Enjoy a snowy weekend!


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